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The Grass is Greener

Recently, I was involved in a conversation with a young lady who became recently single. As

Jesus Voted for Obama

For the past few decades, the conservative movement has attempted to corner the market on religion.

… At a Medium Pace

At the risk of going back-to-back with relationship/dating themed blogs, I figure it’s the perfect time

She’s Just Not That Into You

So I was staying home alone on a Friday, flat on the floor looking back on

If I Can’t Have You… NOBODY WILL

People are fucking retarded. I got a text last night from a girl who I haven’t

We Are…

When the Penn State child sex scandal broke several months ago, I was very outspoken about

Tellin It Like It Is

I’ve been looking for a way to reach people in a larger manner – so welcome

What I Learned: 2011 Edition

I’ve done some version of this for the past 6 years, and it’s a good way