I’ve done some version of this for the past 6 years, and it’s a good way for me to reflect and take a more honest look at my life and my progress.  Feel free to comment and add your own “What I Learned” for yourselves at the end.


I learned that there are 99 percenters, 1 percenters, and more.  I also learned about the 10 percenters.  10 percenters are people who come through around 10% of the time.  For example:  For every 10 times you try to make plans with someone, it actually happens once – that person is a 10 percenter.

I learned that a LOT more than 10% of people are 10 percenters.

I learned that people have to be made accountable for their choices.

I learned that sometimes people back the wrong pony.

I learned that I’m the right pony.

I learned that my ex girlfriend shot a few pornos after we broke up.

I learned that as long as I keep being true to myself, and believe in what I’m doing, things are always going to

work themselves out.

I learned that people aren’t always going to understand me, or what I’m doing.

I learned that it doesn’t matter.

I learned that great people talk about ideas.

I learned that I have a lot of ideas.

I learned that small people don’t have a lot of ideas because they spend their time worrying about other people.

I learned a lot of people worry about me.

I learned that people talking about me means I’m doing something right.

I learned that I can’t waste my time with people who do not have my best interests in mind.

I learned that when I find people who DO have my back, I will run through a wall for them.

I learned that loyalty is probably the most important character trait to have in life.

I learned that I do have that “I’ve got your back” kind of love from some people – and sometimes not where you’d expect to find it.

I learned that sometimes starting over offers new challenges, and new opportunity to raise the bar.

I learned that I don’t need a “job” to have a happy, successful, and stable life.

I learned that being non-conformist isn’t a bad thing, even if those who conform don’t agree.

I learned that time does not equal money unless you are making $9 an hour.  For me, VALUE = money.

I learned that people are generally going to believe what they want, and won’t let silly things like facts get in the way of a misguided opinion.

I learned that I’m qualified to be the ambassador to Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan.

I learned that women and Republicans don’t need to use logic to argue a point.

I learned that when a girl says she’s “too busy” what she means is “I’m too busy… for YOU.”

I learned that my time is too valuable to waste on people who are too busy.

I learned that there is now a segment of the female population that I simply don’t have access to anymore.

I learned that I don’t really mind not having access to most of that segment.

I learned that sometimes the fantasy, storybook relationship we create in our heads is a lot better than the reality of making things work.

I learned that as a straight man, I really shouldn’t watch “Pretty Woman”

I learned that Julia Roberts sucked a lot of cocks before she got lucky and found some good looking millionaire sap to take her out of the slum.

I learned a lot of you ladies have a lot more work to do to find your Richard Gere.

I learned you can take the redneck out of the small town, but… actually no, you can’t change small-town thinking, and it’s a waste of time to try.

I learned that no matter how open, honest, transparent, and forthcoming I try to be – some people are still going to think I’m a lying asshole.

I learned that it doesn’t matter what those people think.

I learned that sometimes… I AM an asshole.

I learned that it’s OK to be an asshole as long as you are still true to yourself, and those around you.  You CAN be an asshole with a heart of gold.

I learned what happens to the annoying club/coke whores that have been on the “scene” since they were 21.

Now they are 24, they look like a bag of asses, they are blown out without any experience in life doing anything besides blowing dudes and snorting lines.

I learned that generally it’s around that time that these girls get knocked up.

I learned that if you have a kid and have no source of income and spend most of your day on facebook talking about dubstep and weed, you are a piece of shit.

I learned that dubstep makes Nickelback look like the fucking Beatles.

I learned that the marketing is more important than the music.

I learned that is a good thing, because I’m a lot better at marketing than I am at playing guitar.

I learned that Samantha needs to get her own fucking sub.

I learned that only assholes buy cars for Christmas presents.

I learned that 10 years ago, I could wrestle 2-3 shows a week and generally wake up feeling fine.

I learned that I’m still sore from a 5 minute match I had in November.

I learned that sometimes it’s nice to go back – if for no other reason than to see where you are compared to the life you left behind.

I learned that sometimes even 10 years later, there are people doing and saying the same shit.

I learned that if you are in the same place, doing the same thing with the same people 5 years later – you are standing still, and people and LIFE is passing you by.

I learned that as long as I focus on doing better today than I did yesterday, I’m going to keep winning.

I learned that all I do is win, win, win – No matter what.

I learned that No Pants Sunday isn’t just a day, it’s a way of life.

I learned that people don’t understand how much of my time is spent without clothes on.

I learned that you are only as good as your weakest part.

I learned that I’d rather be the worst musician in the band than the best.

I learned that in 2012, I’m going to be the worst musician in my own band.

I learned that until the phone stops ringing and people stop wanting to do business with me, I’m doing it right.

I learned that most people don’t understand what it is I really DO, or why I’m successful.

I learned that I kind of like that.  People fear what they do not understand.

I learned that a lot of people like Tim Tebow.

I learned that I am not a fan of manufactured superstars.  See Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, and Tim Tebow.

I learned that if you are 23, already have a kid, don’t have a car, don’t have a job, and are on facebook complaining that you don’t have any beer for New Year’s Eve – maybe one of your resolutions should be to get your shit together.

I’ve learned the “Three text rule” – basically if you text someone 3 or more times and they don’t respond to you… move on.   I know it sucks, but they clearly are just not that into you.

I learned a lot of people just aren’t that into me.

I learned that while perception is reality – MY reality is probably very different than yours.

I learned that the trade-off for getting a bit older is gaining more wisdom and experience – and that’s not a bad thing… unless you are trying to talk to a 21 year old who doesn’t understand life at all.  Then, it’s a bad thing.

I learned that there’s a LOT of areas in this country that still doesn’t believe in equal rights for gay people, or same-sex marriage.

I learned that in the 1950’s, there were a LOT of areas in this country that didn’t believe in equal rights for black people.

I learned that in the 1900’s there were a LOT of areas in this country that didn’t believe in equal rights for women.

I learned that you don’t want to be the last backwards-thinking asshole holding on to old ways of thinking.

I learned that having a slight headache is not a good enough reason to stop playing hockey.  Lace em back up, #87.

I learned that I apparently have the same taste in women as most black men.

I learned that sometimes the business relationship is more important than a gig.

I learned that I need to be more confident that I can perform with anyone, and put on a good show.

I learned that sometimes, they just aren’t that into you.

I learned that sometimes, it’s not just a tough exterior, or someone being overly defensive.  Sometimes, that girl is just a bitch.  Sometimes, they just aren’t good people.

I learned that it’s hard to see that if it’s covered up by a pretty face.

I learned that eventually inner beauty, or lack thereof will eventually come through.

I learned that I will never book my band, or step foot in a venue that advertises a “WAMO NIGHT”

I learned that I don’t want to get shot.

I learned that I literally wear pants less than 50% of the year now.

I learned I have what I call “friend A.D.D”, and it’s a problem.  I’m horrid at reaching out to people in general.  HOWEVER – I’m GREAT at texting back, and getting back to people.  Translation:  I’ve learned that the ball is generally going to be in YOUR court if you want to talk to me.

I learned that my A.D.D. kicked in while writing this list.

I learned…