People are fucking retarded.

I got a text last night from a girl who I haven’t talked to in almost 6 months. I met her when I was playing down at Applebee’s in Washington. She was a cool girl, until she figured out that I wasn’t going to date her. Then all of the sudden, things changed.

She “defriended” me on facebook a couple of months ago. Her friends own a bar, and wanted to book my band to play there. I’m always up for some networking, so I met her and her friends down at The Meadows Casino (By the way, we are there again on Saturday) the last time we played there. We talked, agreed on a general price, and timetable for some shows. It turned out that the bar owners grossly overestimated their success, and decided that they couldn’t afford to bring us in anymore. Hey, no hard feelings – in fact I tried to help promote the place. I even went as far as to make them a webpage (for free) because they were a bit technologically impaired.

They booked me to come down and play in the Fall with just my drummer for a “scaled down”, less expensive show in an effort to raise exposure, and get the ball rolling. They then paid me 1/3rd of the agreed upon price, promising to “get me back” on some future shows to make up the difference… I haven’t played another show there since.

So several weeks ago, a “competing” bar up the road from them asked to book my band. They offered better money, better exposure, and a better opportunity.

My first text was to the bar that I had already played at. Silly me – even in the face of getting fucked out of a payday and not getting any of the promised follow up shows, I still felt the “right” thing to do would be to let them know that I got an offer from their competition. Basically, I was giving them the right of first refusal – match the offer, beat the offer, whatever – I put the ball in their court.

So… I’m the asshole. The text I got last night said, “Have fun playing up the road you dirty fucking snake.” and then that I was a “joke”. Lovely, eh?

Look into his eyes

Maybe it’s a woman thing (the owners are all girls) but I’ve seen it in relationships too. Girls who take men for granted, blow them off, treat them like shit until they see some OTHER girls showing interest. All of the sudden, the dynamic changes.

You don’t want to play with the toy until you see your brother playing with it… Then all of the sudden, it’s YOUR toy.