At the risk of going back-to-back with relationship/dating themed blogs, I figure it’s the perfect time of year. With Valentine’s Day (Aka Single Awareness Day LOLOLOLOLOL) right around the corner, I’m starting to see posts on Facebook and Twitter talking about how to handle the holiday.

Here’s the thing: Valentine’s Day is a completely manufactured holiday. It’s an excuse for florists and Hallmark to make a shitload of money off of poor saps who feel obligated to plunk down money to buy the love of their significant other. For me to see WOMEN asking what THEY should get for their special guy is nothing short of hilarious to me. It’s shocking to me that these women, often in their mid to late 20’s and who SHOULD have some experience with dating at this point in their lives – are so oblivious as to how to keep their man happy.

You want to do something “special” for your guy on Valentine’s Day? Don’t make him celebrate it. Treat it like a normal day. Chances are if you need an excuse to show each other that you really care, your relationship sucks anyway.

Unless you want to celebrate Steak and Blowjob Day – in which case, I salute you.

After all, that’s basically all we want. Give us one day of peace and quiet with a steak, blowjob, and no drama. No racking your brain for the “perfect gift” – unless you want to get that one cute girlfriend you have involved in the blowjob in which case, your man will know you REALLY love him and want him to be happy.

The bottom line is that dating is substantially different now than it has ever been. People are more open and honest than ever. Women are able to express their sexual desires without being labeled a slut or a whore. These are GOOD things. It’s evolved a lot, so it is important to understand that a lot of the “old school” rules for dating simply do not apply in 2012. When was the last time a guy drove to pick the girl up at her house, then dropped her off after the date with a kiss on the cheek? My best guess is 1961 – yet there are some girls out there who still expect that.

Shockingly, these girls are single on Valentine’s Day… again.

Oh, good luck with your cats.

The most recent example of unrealistic society-based dating standards is in the “three date rule” that women are supposed to have for having sex with a guy. Listen – we’ve all had bad dates, and I’m by no means saying that you should be blowing every guy who pays for your dinner at Applebee’s, but let’s keep it real here. My issue with the “three date rule” isn’t that I believe that people should have sex faster or slower: It is the misguided notion that society should in any way, shape, or form dictate your sexuality.

I’ve had sex with girls on the first date, and I’ve waited months to sleep with someone – it just depends on the nature of the relationship. I would never walk into a relationship expecting to sleep with a girl on the first date and by the same token, it’s equally unfair to expect to wait three dates. How about we just hang, feel comfortable, and see what happens? If you are horny, don’t pretend like you aren’t. Don’t fear being judged for wanting to bang.

If you feel like having sex, then have sex. If you don’t, then don’t. Yes, it really CAN be that simple!

It’s important to note that I’m in no way advocating girls to go out and have the football team run a train on them. There still has to be some personal responsibility, and respect for yourself, and your partner involved. Just be honest, be yourself, and chances are you’ll eventually find someone to appreciates that quality. Not everyone takes their cues on how to date from “16 and Pregnant”, “Teen Mom”, “Jersey Shore”, or a greeting card company.