I had to spend most of my day writing a “real” paper, so just a potpourri of thoughts/bitching/moaning today. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately: Tonight my company, “SSS Promotions” is holding its first national show – promoting Rusted Root out at State College. I’m a bit nervous, but I’ve been blessed to have some great people mentoring me, and making sure I don’t do anything TOO stupid. SSS Promotions is also putting on Rusted Root w/ Walk of Shame on Saturday. That’s my “big” show – we’ve already sold over 700 tickets for the event, so it’s probably going to be sold out. I’m excited that things are going to go well on that end of things, and now I just need to focus on making sure that the day is not a giant clusterfuck.

Since I’m kind of a jumbled mess of thoughts, here’s what grinds my gears today:

– Your sonogram pictures. Look, I know you are happy that you are expecting. I know that your close friends and family might care about seeing some barely recognizable images of your unborn child… but I fucking don’t. I don’t want it on my facebook feed, and I sure as hell don’t want it as your profile picture. Which brings me to…

– Your snot-nosed children as your facebook profile picture. I don’t know your kids, and I barely recognize YOU 10 years and 50 pounds after I used to date you. Let’s make it so I can actually effectively stalk you when I want to, instead of sifting through a bunch of shitty pictures of your kids. Which brings me to…

– You dumb twats who have changed your facebook name to your first and middle names. Look, I know enough “Jessica Marie’s” and “Megan Ann’s” to fill my timeline up. When I want to actually reconnect with someone, I can’t go sorting through 500 “Jennifer Elizabeth’s” to find you. It’s even better if your profile picture is a sonogram, or some bastard kid. I’ve got no chance, then.

– Why am I one day the champion of women’s rights, and the next day I am a sexist, misogynistic asshole?

– Why do people move on so quickly on people like Chris Brown? He beats up women, trashes dressing rooms, and has shown little or no signs of rehabilitation. In fact He’s been using the pick-up like “I promise I won’t beat you”. Even better, girls on twitter saying things like “Shit, I’d let him beat MY ass! Team BREEZY WOOOOO”!

This is shortly before he beat the shit out of the innocent puppy.

– Why do black women feel the need to defend actions by black men that should not be defended? Give someone a second chance, sure – but this guy isn’t sorry… He’s a piece of shit. To celebrate domestic violence, and call someone a “role model” who conducts himself in this manner is a travesty. I hope 20 years from now, when you have a daughter who gets her ass kicked by an abusive boyfriend you think back to when you were “Team Breezy” and maybe you’ll teach her not to condone or support those types of actions.

– This just in: Chris Brown was seen holding hands with Rihanna at her birthday party. If he’s a piece of shit women-beater she’s the dumbest bitch on the planet. You want to talk about role models? Ugh. Seriously… I wish I was making this up.

– You lose your job for saying something like “Nappy Headed Ho” but you can beat the shit out of a woman and then not only win a Grammy, but be invited to perform on the show not once, but twice? Hell of a message we are sending to young women.

– Why are 5 white guys testifying before Congress today about birth control and contraception for women, and no women are allowed to talk? Yeah that’s who should be deciding women’s rights in this country – a bunch of old, white dudes that no girls want to fuck.

– Jeremy Lin is just an Asian version of Tim Tebow. America LOVES it’s inspirational and religious athletes… as long as they aren’t black.

– If you want to get an abortion in Virginia, you now have to get a trans-vaginal ultrasound – with or without your consent. Look, I don’t care if you are anti-abortion, you should still be anti “Hey, I really don’t want you to jam that medically unnecessary tool into my vagina against my will.” as a woman. It’s weird that the party of smaller government wants to shrink it down, and quite literally ram it inside of you against your wishes.