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Unsolicited Advice for the Music Scene

Would you show up to work at McDonald’s if they told you you’d get paid in
A Bit of Everything

The Pussification of America

I want to thank everyone for such a constructive, respectful dialogue revolving around my columns on

The Absence of Color

Yesterday I wrote a column that called for the media to be more responsible in their

Ni**as in Sanford

If you were one of those people who watched the Casey Anthony trial for 12 hours

Today was a Fairy Tale…

I hate Taylor Swift. Aside from the title of this column, and the subsequent statement of

GOAT… Or Jackass?

Hines Ward announced his retirement yesterday. The city of Pittsburgh immediately embraced him for retiring as

I Need a Hero

Over the past year, I’ve been pretty vocal about my overall dislike of Tim Tebow. To

OMG HEEL TURN!!!!11!!1!

It’s 5am. I just got home from playing a show with a Grammy-award winning badass who

More Than Words…

Tomorrow is Steak and Blowjob Day. I don’t really want to talk about that any further

She Said Don’t Tell Me No Lies…

I recently had a girl call me “Handsie” – which I had never heard before in