I recently had a girl call me “Handsie” – which I had never heard before in my life. It’s a fine line that we walk as men. Non-verbal communication is a major component of social interaction – especially in dating. Girls have it down to a science: That playful nudge, the gentle squeeze of the thigh, etc. The little things that let you know that she’s comfortable with physical contact.

Guys? Not generally as well-rehearsed on the ways of the woman. It’s not a bad thing at all: It’s just that there is a very fine line for most men between the casual, relaxing rubbing of the neck and the creepy, icy touch of a date-rapist.

Generally being an expressive, affectionate person is not a bad thing. I’ve never been a “PDA” person, but you can sneak a quick kiss or an inconspicuous handjob in the corner of the bar – We’ve all been there, and nobody is judging (Besides judging “Who the fuck is old enough to get into a bar and STILL is giving handjobs?” part) but those people who spend all night dry-humping in public need beaten. If I wanted to watch people bang, I’d stay home and watch RedTube – they are a lot hotter, and I don’t feel nearly as bad about having my dick out at my place as I do when I’m at Jack’s in the Southside.

I’ve given some guy advice in the past, so this one is for the ladies: Ladies – if you are around the wrong side of 30, you really need to loosen up your requirements for dating, and STEP UP YOUR GAME!!! I love you, but guys aren’t looking for a single 30 year old with a bad attitude who think they don’t have to work harder to find companionship. It’s a double standard, but it’s a true standard. If you are blowing off a guy who is nice and sweet because he expects you to bring better game than a 23-year old girl, you SHOULD. You are competing with girls who look better, have better attitudes, and are a LOT more eager to please.

Sidenote: You know how no guy really wants to be “friends” with a 20 year old girl? That’s DOUBLE true about a 30 year old woman. Stop it – you should know better.

This chick, Sunny Leone, is 30 - THAT is your competition.

So if you are a 30 year old single woman and you can’t understand why men aren’t chasing you around like they did 5 years ago – that’s a big part of it. the other part is that a 30 year old guy is generally done with the bullshit and jumping through hoops. Oh sure, he might bring the “A” game out of retirement for a smoking hot 22 year old, but what makes you think he’s going to tolerate YOUR shit?

THIS chick is 43, and still can't find love. If you are younger than her, you better be hotter! Also, don't have a bad attitude, be a snob about dating, or be lazy about putting in the work!