Tomorrow is Steak and Blowjob Day. I don’t really want to talk about that any further except to remind you all. I sometimes take flak for being too honest about what men generally think about women. I’m open and honest, which girls SAY that they want. It turns out “open and honest” often just means “Hey guy, just tell me what I want to hear, please and thank you.”

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. - Voltaire

What I want to talk about is speech in general. Here’s my first important point to kick it off: You aren’t always going to LIKE what somebody has to say. It’s actually healthy to disagree – Sometimes it is even good to be outraged. I sometimes say things that are designed to open a dialogue, or be thought-provoking. I’ve been known to say controversial things with that controversy being the sole purpose of my rhetoric. Again, this method of speech is actually productive and healthy. Is everyone going to like that I rip on Charlotte Sometimes, the bad singer on “The Voice”? Well no, but she’s on TV and she sounds like a bag of asses. She should have her jaw wired shut again.

Sometimes that makes me sound like an asshole. Sometimes off-handed comments about me wanting women to shut up and make me a sammich come off as misogynistic and sexist when in reality it’s more a commentary on antiquated gender roles and the evolution of “girl power” in postmodern society. Rather than explaining that to people who have no fucking clue what I’m talking about, I focus on the fact that I love titties.

The outrage over Rush Limbaugh continues, with various groups calling for him to be taken off the air. Fired. Blacklisted. Run out of town. Why? People didn’t like what he had to say. Advertisers left his show because it provided them an opportunity to appear “holier than thou” – which ironically ends up being good advertising for them. Stations have pulled his show. His multi-million dollar empire is crumbling faster than you can say “Nappy Headed Ho”.

Rush Limbaugh is a political entertainer. His JOB is to say controversial things that get people angry and energized. Are people always going to like what he says? Of course not. He often uses inflammatory language and says things that bully other people. Hell if you want to be pissed off at Rush, be pissed off that he has routinely referred to women as “Femi-Nazi’s” – which in my opinion is a hell of a lot worse than calling a law student a slut.

We are allowed to have opinions. I think Rush Limbaugh is damaging to the country because he speaks in a language of hatred without any form of respect or reverence for those who have a different opinion than him. I’ll say mean things, but speaking in hyperbole for a reaction is a lot different than spreading propaganda that is contributing to Americans believing that our President is a secret Muslim, non US Citizen, closet Socialist/Communist. The problem is that he says the things that he says as fact – or at least his millions of listeners perceive it at such. Me thinking that Taylor Swift is a completely manufactured and produced hack is true – but it’s also just my opinion.

I hate that in America, a difference of opinion is now something that people think you should lose your job over. It’s no longer enough for someone to turn off the radio and not support Rush Limbaugh – Now EVERYONE has to turn it off as wel. Now EVERYONE loses the right to listen to his radio show because some soccer mom was offended and wrote a letter. I don’t agree with that. One of the fundamental rights of the First Amendment is that we have the right to free speech. Rush is no different. YOU have the right to not listen to him. If everyone stopped listening to him his ratings would decline… his stations would cancel him… At least that’s letting the free-market decide.

Expressing your opinion should rarely cost you your livelihood.

A bunch of outraged liberal hypocrites trying to get Rush taken off the air is not free speech, or even letting the free market decide: It’s bullying. It’s people who have a different opinion bullying advertisers to pull ads. It’s forcing radio stations to pull programming just because YOU don’t like it. It doesn’t matter than millions of OTHER people want it – you know better, I guess.

Stop it. Stop assigning YOUR way of thinking to everyone else. If you don’t believe in birth control, don’t fucking use it. Respect that other people might want more control over family planning, and actually believe in medicine and science.

I wonder if this will cost me readers?