Over the past year, I’ve been pretty vocal about my overall dislike of Tim Tebow. To me, he represents everything that is wrong with society wrapped into one pre-packaged person. What makes it worse is that the majority of people are too stupid to realize that they are being fed a bag of over-rated goods. Enjoy your Jeremy Lin jerseys – now 50% off!

Here’s my issue with Taylor Swift, Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, Nickelback, and any other “talent” that is almost completely produced and manufactured in a PR firm somewhere: Who the fuck are YOU to tell me what I’m supposed to like? Oh I know, Tim Tebow is such a good virgin boy who overcame the odds – we are supposed to cheer for him. Jeremy Lin was barely in the league – then injuries forced the Knicks to give him a chance to play – he had one week of good games. BUY HIS JERSEY! When did it become ok to elevate mediocrity to a level of superstardom?

Conversely speaking, Peyton Manning is one of my favorite athletes of all time. Not only is he arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, but he carries himself perfectly both on and off the field. He’s a guy who got hype, and lived up to every bit of it over 14 years.

"You hear about how many fourth quarter comebacks that a guy has and I think it means a guy screwed up in the first three quarters." - PEYTON MANNING

And he’s funny:

Fans need to understand that football is a business too. Nobody in Indy wanted Peyton Manning to leave, but they also couldn’t pay him $28 million to stay. Nobody in Pittsburgh wanted to lose Hines Ward, but his skills had deteriorated to the point where he would be at best, a fifth receiver on the 2012 squad. Hines wasn’t staying for 5th receiver money, so he had to go. John Elway is taking some flak because he was quoted as saying, “Tim Tebow has earned the right to come into camp next year as the starter for the Broncos.”

… But things change.

Look, I’m a good singer, but if my band (aka “team”) had the chance to play with Steven Tyler – I think I’d understand. You can’t be pissed off at John Elway for getting a Hall of Fame quarterback to replace a guy who couldn’t run a pro offense.

There is a big difference between a legitimate talent, and a sideshow. Tim Tebow is, and will always be nothing more than a sideshow. He’s a human-interest story that middle-America embraces because he’s a clean cut Jesus-loving white guy. He’ll end up going to Jacksonville and holding a clipboard just to piggyback on his legendary Florida status. One thing Tebow will do is sell tickets for a shitty Jacksonville team, even if he doesn’t take a single snap. He might get on the field, but it will be at Tight End, where he belongs – or running some gimmick plays. Turns out the experts who are paid lots of money were dead on about Tebow.

Stop liking who you are told to like. In fact, stop hating who you think you are supposed to hate. Try to have your own thoughts for once. I used to laugh when people I had never met had strong opinions on me. Now, I look at society embracing these paper-heroes, and it makes me miss the good old days.

… Now stop reading my blog, and go listen to the same 6 songs being played over and over on the radio.

and for good measure: