Yesterday I wrote a column that called for the media to be more responsible in their reporting of the Trayvon Martin killing. Today, I’m getting racial.


Part of me wants to start off with a disclaimer – but I don’t think I’m going to this time. One of the biggest problems in this country when race is discussed is that everybody feels like they can’t pontificate without offending people. Of course, the de facto reaction is, “Oh, well you are clearly a racist.” This is directed at any Caucasian who has the audacity to ask simple questions, offer dissenting opinions, or who has the balls to stand up to black pundits who themselves are often the most openly racist assholes walking the earth.

The Trayvon Martin case disgusts me in that EVERY leader in the African-American community has jumped on the bandwagon. EVERYONE has expressed OUTRAGE over the fact that there hasn’t been an arrest made in the case. Now, leaders like Al Sharpton are flipping out because the media now has the gall to report that Travyon Martin was in the middle of serving a 10-day suspension from his high school because he was caught with an empty bag of marijuana in his bookbag. Now black leaders are calling for an “independent investigation” which basically means “Hey, let’s get a bunch of black people involved in this investigation to instigate more theories about cover ups and bad policework.” As I’ve said – I’m sure that the Sanford police are a bunch of clowns, and I’m sure that now that the case has been bumped up the line that their incompetence might be rectified. I’m hopeful that regardless of outcome the facts give closure to this firestorm.

HOW DARE YOU DEMONIZE MY SON!!! Says Trayvon Martin’s mother – apparently oblivious to the reality that all that the news is doing now is reporting more FACTS about the case. It’s not demonizing if it’s true. It’s not disrespectful if it’s accurate. As I’ve said – it’s a shame that Trayvon Martin is dead, but if the Black Community is going to go after George Zimmerman, and 73% of people think that he should be in jail – I’d say the LEAST we could do is try to be thorough with the FACTS involved in this case. Of course, her grief hasn’t stopped her from trademarking lots of phrases using her son’s name and image – I’m sure just for a memorial college fund to be set up in his name.

How DARE you report factual truthful information about my dead son!

I’ll say this as delicately as possible as not to spark controversy:

Fuck Al Sharpton.

Fuck him with something hard and sandpapery. Fuck him, and then steal his mom’s blueberry pie. It’s unacceptable for “leaders” in the black community to pile on every high-profile case where the public perception is that somehow it’s all about racism.

Here’s the thing: Sometimes… It’s not about racism.

That’s not to say that racism does not exist – it clearly does. A LATINO guy shot a BLACK guy after an apparent altercation. Believe it or not, that happens A LOT in this country. You know what I never see? Al Sharpton speaking out when it’s a black person doing the shooting (which also shockingly happens a lot in this country.) I’d have a lot more respect for Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson if they were not such advocates for constantly polarizing the African American community from the rest of the United States. It’s not healthy, and it hurts race relations a LOT more than it helps.

White people aren’t the ones doing it this time. Hell, white folks don’t even have a dog in this fight. So that being the case ask yourself why the reporting on this case revolves almost exclusively over Trayvon being black? I understand that George Zimmerman was heard on the 911 tape calling Trayvon a “coon”. First of all, the fact that someone under the age of 50 still refers to a black person as a “coon” would be funny if not for the tragedy. Second of all, using a racial slur does not automatically make somebody a racist any more than calling your buddy a “faggot” because he has to go shopping with his wife instead of playing poker with the guys makes you a homophobe.

We hear all of the time in this, the era of the pussification of America, that we aren’t allowed to use “hate speech”. When I say “we” I of course mean the majority (aka white folks). I’m frustrated with the double-standard that seemingly allows minorities to use language that is inciting, instigating, and incendiary.

I remember Sharpton going crazy about Tawana Brawley. In fact, I remember Sharpton going crazy about a lot of things that if he were white, he’d be condemned. If you want a more recent example of the media jumping the gun and prominent black leaders piling on – go re-read the Duke Lacrosse case where a black stripper screamed rape, only to later recant her story.

Keep it classy!

It never stops the fake indignation that we as a nation seem to have for cases like this. You want racism to end? Try telling Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to stop seeing color, and instead be advocates for the community – all races, colors, and creeds. We have white people who exclusively look out for the needs of white people, and white people ONLY: they are groups like the KKK and the Nazi Party.

I’ll be holding my breath to see Al Sharpton holding a press conference the next time a teenage white girl gets raped and killed to condemn the black suspect. Better yet since he’s such a strong voice for Civil Rights – Come out and support equal rights for gay people.

The silver lining to this particular case is former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant who flat out accused Sharpton and Jackson of exploiting Travyon’s death to racially divide the country.

I’m not saying Trayvon Martin should be dead. I’m not saying George Zimmerman is innocent or guilty. I’m saying that black leaders calling for the “facts” can’t be pissed if some of those facts happen to be that Trayvon Martin got suspended for weed. They can’t get outraged when the police report states that Zimmerman got punched in the nose.

If you want justice, you should want the truth to come out – even if that means that a 17 year old boy who happened to be black was killed with cause. Regardless, it’s not a massive conspiracy all the way through the Federal government to let this Latino guy go free. It might be a shitty local police department, but that’s why we have Due Process.

Sometimes the truth is that there are good and bad people in this world regardless of the color of their skin, and causation does not equal correlation.