I want to thank everyone for such a constructive, respectful dialogue revolving around my columns on Travyon Martin. I kind of resent the fact that in postmodern society if you make a statement that is negative towards a protected group (minorities, women, LGBT, etc.) you are labeled as a bigot regardless of context. I got called a “redneck” and a “right wing asshole who jerks it to Glenn Beck” for my position.

Obviously if you’ve read my columns or have even a basic understanding of who I am – you know that I am probably one of the biggest advocates for equal rights on the planet. One of the most ironically funny things that I’ve seen recently is who is opposed to gay rights. Guess which protected class is the most opposed to Civil Rights for homosexuals – Here’s a hint: Blueberry Pie!

PS: Regardless of how the facts shake out in the Travyon Martin case, and of course I mean How the LIBERAL MEDIA continues to disrespect Martin’s memory by reporting… facts about him.” I hope people at least get an understanding of what a “hate crime” is.

First off, EVERY crime of violence that is intentional is a hate crime. Nobody shoots someone out of love. I’ve never seen a guy take a brick to the face out of kindness. Just like every crime against a black person isn’t racially motivated, any time two people from different backgrounds have an altercation – it’s not a hate crime. You want to know what an ACTUAL hate crime looks like – I’m calling for Al Sharpton to condemn these heinous acts… But he won’t.

This brings me into the heart of my thoughts today: The Pussification of America. The attitude that everyone gets a trophy now is why we are getting our asses kicked by the rest of the modern world, and it’s not going to stop. Every time we can’t have a birthday mentioned in school because there might be one Jehovah’s Witness in the class who doesn’t celebrate birthdays who might have their feelings hurt. Every time kids can’t have a team captain and pick teams because the kid who gets picked last will be sad.

Maybe instead of writing letters to complain about your kid being picked last you can teach him how to not throw a ball like a girl.

When did the minority opinion screw it up for the rest of us? Great, I can’t give out Valentine’s cards unless I give one to the girl who wears the same Disney t-shirt every day and smells like pee, too?

Bullying is horrible. I’m talking about ACTUAL bullying, not what people think is bullying nowadays. A group of girls making fun of your shoes is NOT bullying. A guy making fun of you because you got a shitty haircut is not bullying. Kids wouldn’t be committing suicide if they weren’t so coddled to the point where somebody laughing at them causes them to jump off a bridge.

Adversity toughens you. Adversity makes you stronger. Adversity makes you work harder to overcome.

Do you ever hear stories from successful people where they never had to work hard for anything in their life? The people who are successful are the guys who couldn’t get laid in high school. The people running things are the fat girls who got teased. The people who end up well-adjusted are the ones who had a little voice in the back of their heads when they were getting ridiculed that said, “You know what, fuck these people. One of these days I’m going to show them.” and they used that as motivation.

You know who isn’t motivated? The kid who gets told “good job” if he finishes first, or if he finishes dead last. There are no winners and losers anymore since the Pussification of America.

… Just losers.