I took some flak for my take on the Trayvon Martin case. My stance has been that there is an investigation ongoing and while it appears based on reports in the media that George Zimmerman is guilty of a crime, We the People should reserve judgment and let professionals in the local, state, and federal organizations who are conducting the investigation do their thing.

This wouldn't happen if she was in the kitchen where she belongs.

My position is that the media is glorifying and reporting on this story to score ratings, not to report objectively. I talked about media bias, and was immediately labeled as a right-wing redneck (Which again if you know me, is incredibly funny) and a racist.

The column actually got picked up by some other websites, and I was painted as a guy who is racially insensitive because I took the outrageous position that the media is capable of spinning a story to say what they want, and that while the evidence certainly seems stacked against George Zimmerman – He is innocent until proven guilty. I cited obscure documents like the Bill of Rights to strengthen my point.

Here’s the facts: We don’t know the facts. That’s it. We can all speculate and Nancy Grace can come up with really interesting dramatizations about what MIGHT have happened. The FACT is that none of us KNOW. Hell, the police are still trying to figure it out, and despite what a bunch of liberal douchebags with ironic hipster facial hair and too many articles of plaid clothing think – all we are doing is guessing, and your guess is as good as mine.

I’d rather not guess based on a story that is being told to me by the news when it is clear that the news now has an agenda to sell advertising and get ratings moreso than they do an agenda for comprehensive and fair reporting.

Don’t think the media can make you think what they want?

The media transcript:
Little Boy – No, I’m not scared of nothin’!

Reporter – When you get older, you gonna stay away from all these guns?

Little Boy – No, I’m…

Reporter – No?

Little Boy – No.

Reporter – What are you going to do when you get older?

Little Boy – I’m going to have me a gun!

Fade over to a young girl…

After the on-the-scene reporting ends, the morning anchorman remarks earnestly:

Anchorman – That is very scary indeed.

And obviously if you watch the video, you see the FULL story, with convenient editing to take a 4-year old boy who wants to grow up and help fight crime, and make him look like he can’t wait to get his hands on a gun and perpetuate some stereotypical hood violence.

That’s my whole point. We can guess all we want. We can listen to portion of the 911 tapes. We can wonder if that garbled tape is Zimmerman referring to Martin as a “coon” and then as a follow up – is this case racially motivated? Who threw the first punch?

We are all entitled to our opinions. My OPINION is that Zimmerman probably was following Martin, Martin eventually got scared and confronted Zimmerman. Martin may have even thrown the first punch because he was freaked out that some weird dude was following him through the neighborhood. Zimmerman was probably getting hit, and shot Martin not so much in self-defense as much as he was getting his ass kicked. I don’t think it was any premeditated hate crime, although Zimmerman may very well be a racist. My gut is that he will probably go away for 10 years for manslaughter, but the fact that prosecutors haven’t charged Zimmerman yet leads me to believe that they have reasonable doubt as to what to go for more than a question of overall guilt. It’s a complicated case, and while everyone is screaming that Zimmerman should be executed already – it’s still a matter of Due Process. It’s a process, and despite things not going the way you THINK they should go, thankfully the Constitution works for everyone, regardless of personal opinion.

On a sidenote, I want to thank everyone who has been sharing my column on the music industry. It really means a lot to me that I saw a lot of musicians and people who I respect professionally agreeing with my take.