Just a quick note before I head to the doctor – I’m still battling this sinus infection, and I have three nights of singing ahead of me.

First off – This weekend marks the four year birthday for Walk of Shame. From playing for $200 bucks and 2 pitchers of beer in dive bars to being asked to play some of the best venues across the country, it’s been a fun ride. I’ve learned a lot, I’ll continue to learn, and my mission statement is to make today better than yesterday. In life – that’s really all you need to keep focusing on.

Make today better than yesterday.

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That’s it for shameless self-promotion.

Justice for Trayvon Martin

Just a really simple question to ask everyone: Now that George Zimmerman has been arrested, are you happy? What do you consider “justice”? If George Zimmerman goes to trial for 2nd degree murder and is found not guilty by a jury of his peers, will justice have been served?

Or is “justice” just something that people are substituting for “gets what WE feel he deserves.”?

I saw this during the Casey Anthony trial, where Nancy Grace and other windbags tried the court in the media instead of where it belonged: In a court of law. People were OUTRAGED when she was found innocent, largely because the Court of Public Opinion had already convicted her.

So what is going to happen when George Zimmerman is acquitted?

People are going to outraged. People will riot. There will be violence. There will be destruction. There will be more pain, more suffering, maybe even more people killed in the process.

Will that be justice? Will that satisfy people?

Do you think the people calling for justice will feel responsible? Do you think Al Sharpton is going to feel responsible for the millions of dollars of property damage that will result from this circus?

But hey – The media will have another story to cover, and after all – the ratings are more important than justice.

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