I haven’t written in a while, so this is going to be a kind of hodgepodge of things. I appreciate the people who have actually been asking for new ramblings. It’s nice to be missed.

Does it make me a bad person to silently laugh to myself when I see a formerly hot girl who has let herself go? Yes, you were a smoking hot DZ when you were 18… But then there was the freshman 15, the sophomore 15, the junior 15, the senior 15, the grad school 15, etc. Hey whatever – I’ve always been a big guy and it hasn’t hurt me at all with the fairer sex. Double standard indeed.

Fat Chicks Need Love, too – But They Gotta PAY!

I had an actual night off a couple weeks ago and used it to go down to the Meadows and check out the band that was playing. They were called “Groove Buffet” which is an awesome band name for a variety/big band act. They were really good. I saw some things that they did really well, and some things that I can steal. I’m sorry – I forgot that I’m talking about music, so it’s not stealing. Let’s just say there are some ideas and concepts that will “inspire” me to do some different things.

I don’t get the opportunity to check out the “competition” that much. I put “competition” in quotes because I’ve always subscribed to the philosophy that talented musicians should be helping each other, not competing. Quite frankly if I am helping other good bands find solid work, the entire industry is elevated, which leads to bigger and better gigs for me as well. I’ve never understood the “My band is better so we are going to take your gig” attitude that a lot of performers have. I’m sure it’s rooted in insecurity, envy, and jealousy – but as a wise man once said: Haters gonna hate, yo.

I don’t even know you, but I hate you. I hate your guts. I hope all the bad things in life happen to you, and only you.

Dear North Carolina,

I want to thank you for passing a law to make it double-extra illegal for those faggots to get married. Since more than 1/2 of “traditional” marriages end in divorce it’s important to protect the sanctity of the institution. While you are at it, can you pass some legislation to keep these niggers from voting or taking our white women?


Guy From 1960 who Hijacked Sean’s Column


I hope that one day I find my soulmate and together we can share our love by denying others the right to love who THEY want. Oh wait…

Here’s the fun part – The law that passed in North Carolina also denies rights to “traditional” couples who aren’t married. So – domestic partnerships, civil unions – no more rights: Even if you are a Jesus-loving, God-Fearing man and woman. At least people in loving, committed relationships have equal rights in North Carolina now: None.

Our vote counts the EXACT same as YOUR vote counts. Sleep tight, America.

PS – If you are offended by the language in my rhetoric – you should be more offended that you probably know someone who doesn’t have the same rights in this country based solely on who they love.

Can one of my religious friends tell me where Jesus said anything about marriage, or that homosexuality is wrong in the Bible? I’m being serious, because outside of a few references in the Old Testament, I can’t find anything at all.

Now… can one of my smart friends show me in the Constitution where religious ceremonies or religion in general should be governed by the state? No? Can you show me where there is anything mentioned about maybe religion and government being separate? Anything vague would work – I’m open to interpretation.

I find some sort of obligation in being the “privileged” class in America: I’m a straight white male. It doesn’t get much higher on the food chain than that. Anyway, I feel a sense of duty in speaking for those who are not as lucky as I am. I’m not the prototypical “activist” by any stretch, yet it seems that lately I am defending women and homosexuals A LOT.

Do you think people in the 60’s would have voted yes on a referendum for equal rights for blacks? It took The Civil Rights Act of 1964 to jumpstart what remains a modern-day struggle towards equality for blacks in America. If we let the “people” vote on it, I bet there are places like Mississippi where black people would STILL be segregated. We trust these people to do the right thing?

Ask Jackie Robinson all about his struggle for equal treatment. Well don’t, because he’s dead – but if he wasn’t he’d probably tell you that if it wasn’t for Jim Crow laws and pressure to integrate the owners would have continued to resist letting black players play. Doing the “right” thing wasn’t as important as the owners making money: They often rented the stadium out to the Negro League teams when the “white” team was on the road – increasing revenue. Here is an amazing speech given by Dodgers owner Branch Rickey talking about his decision to integrate in 1947.

Why not let people in Arkansas vote on if black people should be allowed to marry outside their race? (By the way, North Carolina finally passed that legislation in 1977) Why not let Texans vote on if Mexicans can come in and work, or even vote? When we as a nation rely on the majority to decide the fate of the minority – our democracy crumbles. When a guy like Chris Christie vetoes a bill that was passed by elected representatives of “The People” because he wants to let the people vote directly on the issue – what is the point of having a democratic society where citizens pick representatives to speak on the Will of the People?

Sometimes doing what is RIGHT is not doing what is POPULAR. Remember that, kids.

Anyone think about KONY or Trayvon Martin in the past month?

It’s good to be back. I appreciate your comments,