Ben Jealous, the President of the NAACP announced that the oldest Civil Rights organization in the country was coming out in support of gay marriage. I’m asking a few simple questions to my Right-Wing friends.

I’ll start with this, but I have a few not-so-rhetorical questions in this column. Here we go:

What if somebody told your parents that they weren’t allowed to get married? What if they couldn’t get married because your mom was black and your dad was white? What if mom was German and dad was Italian? I am by NO means a supporter of the institution of marriage, but this got me choked up:

Chances are, you really can’t imagine somebody telling you that you aren’t entitled to love who you love – but that’s what gay rights are really all about. It’s not political, it’s not religious – it’s just about doing what is right. Sometimes I don’t agree with what I know in my heart is the right or fair thing to do, but I do it anyway. My dad taught me that was character, and it’s a good thing.

Mitt Romney was the Governor of Massachusetts, right? He has actual executive experience in government. Why is it that the heart of his campaign is his time as a private businessman, and not his actual record as the executive of a state?

The answer – Mass. was 47th in the country in “job creation” when Romney was Governor. So when he talks about creating jobs while a private businessman at Bain Capital, and how that makes him qualified to lead the country the simple question I ask is: Why did that Bain Capital experience not lead to insane job growth in Massachusetts when you were in charge?

So the Catholic church is suing over women taking birth control. Is anyone else worried about the new trend in rolling back rights for Americans? The foundation of the Constitution is in expanding the rights of the people, not constricting them. Why is the Catholic church so out of step with the will of its parishioners – the majority of whom use contraception?

The bigger question is why religious people pick and choose what parts of the Bible should be taken as literal law and which parts can be ignored. I can’t think of a greater example of Republican and religious hypocrisy than to see guys like Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich talk about how marriage should always be between one man, and one woman only.

Rush is on his 4th wife, and Newt on his 3rd, and the Catholic church also speaks out against divorce…

I guess I don’t understand why people aren’t called out on their bullshit more often. In relationships, in politics, in religion… Can anyone keep it real anymore?

God says to love everyone… Unless they think differently – Then they must die.