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Stupid is as Stupid Does

I’m stupid. The first step is always admitting the problem. Men are stupid, and I am

You Are NOT Getting Booked

I want to start out by again thanking EVERYONE who was involved in making last weekend

I Want To Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself… Again.

I don’t typically name names and get into specifics in my writing, but I feel it’s

Life as the Man on the Side

This column is always brutally honest. If you were honest with yourself while reading it, you’d
A Bit of Everything

The Future of America

So it’s Senior Week down here in Ocean City. While initially it’s fun to check out

My Shadow Days Are Over

I recently learned some really important things, and remembered some things that I shouldn’t have forgotten.

Putting You Over

Have you ever met somebody that simply REFUSES to do what is best for them? Do