So it’s Senior Week down here in Ocean City. While initially it’s fun to check out hundreds of 18 year old girls in bikinis, that joy quickly wears off the second they do or say ANYTHING. Were we all this stupid at 18?

This started out as a Facebook status but I have the feeling I’m going to get off on a Crotchety Old Man Rant here.

YOLO with Cheese?

If I see one more YOLO shirt, I’m going to roundhouse kick some kid right out of his black socks and sandals. Listen up graduates – One day very soon you are going to wake up and realize that Drake sucks, and you may start to appreciate the actual philosophical argument that he is at least TRYING to make. Like most people from your generation, Drake got it all wrong.

The fact is, you should be living a LOT more than once. “You Only Live Once” implies that you aren’t living aside from one time in your life. Sure, you might be in the middle of some epic run in beer pong – but that hardly qualifies as a career. In the true “carpe diem” vein of making the most of EVERY day, the expression should actually be “You Live Only Once”.

Since you kids are nothing more than Jersey Shore catchphrase regurgitating assholes, you don’t seem to care. YOLO looks cooler as a tattoo, or t-shirt, and it’s a lot easier to hashtag than #YLOO.

Yoda: Wise in ways that we cannot even comprehend

That being said – I’m having a nice time at the beach lol

My office for the week. #YLOO