I don’t typically name names and get into specifics in my writing, but I feel it’s very well deserved in this case. I’m in the lobby of the historic Hotel Conneaut unwinding after an amazing show with Rusted Root, and my brain won’t stop.

I don’t make a very good first impression a lot of times. Sometimes, I don’t make a very good second or third impression either. It’s something that I have been aware of and working on for years. In college it was easy, mostly because everyone was drunk and stupid. As I’ve gotten older (and allegedly wiser) I’ve found myself more selective with not only the people that I associate with, but the effort that I put into relationships.

Here’s the thing that my ADHD sometimes makes me forget: I’ve got some amazing people around that have my back. Even if I don’t get to talk to or see them much I know that if the shit was hitting the fan I could reach out to Big Daddy Wags, or Stinger, or Roni-Q and they’d drop what they were doing and be there for me. I got to hang with my BFF last week and it literally made everything better in a really stressful and tough time for me.

Speaking of – The show with Rusted Root last night went almost perfectly. The turnout was higher than expected, the show ran without any problems, and the bands were nothing short of amazing. To the untrained eye it looked like I knew what I was doing. In reality, I didn’t sleep for a month and if ever there was a time where the saying “Fake it till ya make it” applied – it is with me being a concert promoter.

Prestige Worldwide ain’t got SHIT on SSS Promotions.

So I guess the point of this is to say thanks to everyone who puts up with me. Especially over the past month, I’ve been nothing short of a headcase. Last week it looked like everyone and everything was walking out on me and today I sit here watching the sun come up over a foggy Conneaut Lake and I realize – Life does not suck.