…Unless they think differently then you. If you hide behind religion to discriminate against people who choose to live a different lifestyle than you well then congratulations: You are a bigot. If you believe that others do not deserve to be treated with the same dignity, rights, and respect that you do well then congratulations: Not only are you a bigot, but you are an asshole.

That being said – If you refuse to eat at Chick-Fil-a because the owner of the restaurant is a religious whackjob, you aren’t much better. When did this country get so divisive? People aren’t allowed to respectfully disagree anymore? Everything has to be a production to the point where now if I eat a fucking chicken sandwich I oppose gay marriage?

Hot Beef Injections in the Chicken?

Stop it.

Here’s the thing kids: There are going to be people who believe people infected with “teh gay” are going to be the downfall of society. The same way that people thought black people being freed from slavery 150 years ago was going to ruin the country (of course, the debate still wages on in Mississippi.) The same way that women getting the right to vote 90 years ago was going to be the downfall of our civilization. The same way that allowing interracial marriages were an abomination to God.

It’s never going to stop. If you ever wonder why I’m not religious it is because I’ve found most religious people to be the most bigoted, close-minded, hate-filled bunch of human beings on the planet. I grew up as a Christian. I went to a Catholic elementary school. I graduated from Duquesne University. I was even in the church choir and active in Campus Ministry. Like a wise poet of my father’s generation said, “Jesus is just all right with me.” It’s been a while since I’ve read The Bible but I can’t remember a time when Jesus was a dick to anyone. There wasn’t a time where Jesus decided that people weren’t worthy of his love. He had some weird thing with forgiving sins but again, my memory is a bit hazy.

Thankfully Jon Stewart did some research for me on what the Bible says about gays and marriage.

Here’s the one that gets me: A recent PEW research poll found that the number of conservative Republicans who believe President Barack Obama’s religious faith is Muslim has doubled since just before the 2008 election. Four years ago, 16 percent of self-described “conservative Republicans” identified Barack Obama as a Muslim; and today that figure has risen to 34 percent. Among self-described “moderate” and “liberal” Republicans, however, there has been virtually no change. Maybe Michelle Bachmann will start saying he’s a part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

One in three Republicans believe that Barack Obama – A guy who belonged to the same Church of Christ/Christian parish in Chicago (Anyone remember Rev. Wright?) for over 20 years believe that he was basically faking it. Of course, these are the same mouth-breathers who believe that somehow the Federal Election Commission, Supreme Court, Congress, and the State of Hawaii all seem to have been hoodwinked on Obama being a citizen so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

My bigger question: Why the hell does it matter? Even if he WAS a Muslim (which he is not) it shouldn’t have a bearing on your opinion of him. If it does well then again congrats – You are a bigot. It doesn’t matter if you are a bigot in the name of Jesus or not. Jesus didn’t really discriminate against people who thought differently than him. In fact, he embraced them. The whores, the tax collectors, the poor, the sick. I always find it ironic that the people who object the loudest to making sure that all men are created equal (You know, like that goofy Republican Abe Lincoln once worried about in the Gettysburg Address) are now the ones who feel attacked.

The “Christian Right” has long believed that everyone is entitled to their own opinion: As long as it agrees with theirs.