It’s Sunday, so I figured I’d get the religious folk all worked up. This is going to be a lot more op-ed than you are used to from me, but here goes.

My issue with the Sandy Hook “truthers” is this – You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. “Feeling” like there is a conspiracy doesn’t make it so when facts and evidence disprove what you “believe” to be true.

I was raised Catholic, went to a Catholic elementary school, even graduated with a couple of bachelor degrees from a Catholic university. I understand organized religion, and have no issue with the positive things that it contributes to many, many people. That being said, I just don’t understand the people who think that the Earth is 7,000 years old because The Bible says it is. I can’t identify with people who think Jesus rode dinosaurs. You might as well tell me that you “believe” the world is flat – You’d have about as much credibility.

So to those people who deny science, and evolution, and climate change: I understand why you’d think that Sandy Hook isn’t real.

Here’s what you can think about today. The “truthers” continue to defend their disgusting detachment from this horrible tragedy by saying, “Hey, it’s GOOD to ask questions.” but God forbid they have their beliefs questioned. This attitude where the crazy people are somehow afforded the same respect and credibility that sane people walking this planet get needs to stop. It starts with you. When you are confronted with someone who tells you that they believe that the police, government, parents, teachers, media, children, and Sandy Hook community are all “in on it”, ask them if they believe that world is flat.

I made it 35 seconds into the Sandy Hook Conspiracy video: “Why would they lie about something like this? How could they pull off something so horrible?”

How could THEY?

Better yet, how could YOU entertain this as any type of credible thinking? Need more of your questions answered? Read my column that debunks the Sandy Hook Conspiracies.

You can believe in whatever you want. I believe I can fly, but no matter how many times R. Kelly sings to me, I still can’t manage to get my fat ass off the ground. Turns out reality beats what I felt was true.

Sean Kemmerer is a freelance writer, administrator of Politics Without The Crazy Pills, can be followed @Walkofshameband, and is about to start doubting the moon landing because of all of these “questions”.