President Obama being sworn in.

President Obama being sworn in.

While not reported by the “lamestream media” at large, reports are that Obama opted to swear his second Oath of Office on a Koran instead of a Bible. When asked about the decision, President Obama said, “I can’t believe you Americans get so worked up over religion! Where I’m from, nobody really cares about this stuff at all, and people keep their spirituality between their God and themselves. Besides, I can’t run for a third term (but I’m working on it!) so I might as well just be myself now. Next I’m coming after all you redneck crackers and your guns!” Obama then reportedly threw down the mic, kissed a white woman on the mouth, and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

In this close up, you do not see the words “Holy Bible”. Also notice how Obama makes sure to get his Muslim ring directly on the book.

In his private swearing in, Obama added further insult by adding the mustache of Joseph Stalin to the Koran. Chief Justice Roberts was visibly shaken during the ceremony but was calmed by the gift baskets passed out to friends and family that included free birth control pills for everyone – A nod to his controversial vote upholding Obamacare.

The Marxist Koran is currently #9 on Amazon's bestseller list.

The Marxist Koran is currently #9 on Amazon’s bestseller list.

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