Better yet: What the hell would Jesus be doing eating in an Applebee’s?

Another religious person letting her actions speak louder than her words has caused outrage across the country. Applebee’s terminated the server who posted the receipt, claiming that she violated company policy by posting something that was private information on a Guest on the Internet. However, a quick moment of research led me to this: Posted on the Applebee’s Facebook page Apparently it’s acceptable to post Guest comments as long as they are positive.

I guess religious folk aren't the only ones who can be flaming hypocrites.

I guess religious folk aren’t the only ones who can be flaming hypocrites.

Working class champion Ed Schultz ran a quick story on Pastor Bell on “The Ed Show” last night:

Let’s make sure we make this clear: Pastor Bell found out about the receipt being posted online and then called the Applebee’s and DEMANDED that the waitress (and in fact, all parties involved with her service that evening) be immediately terminated. In response, Jesus reportedly turned his other cheek, stormed out of Applebee’s, and went over to TGIFridays. It wasn’t enough that she tried to stiff the hardworking service industry person making $3 an hour. This “Woman of God” (and the quotes are mine because I’m pretty sure God doesn’t want his poor people fired over wounded pride.) would not be satisfied until the dedicated employee no longer had a job. She could not be satisfied until as punishment this server could not pay her bills, or feed her children.

When Pastor Alois Bell was exposed, she apologized not to the server, or the Applebee’s – But to her congregation for causing them embarrassment. It’s a good thing that she has less than 15 people in her “church” – She could just make a few phone calls to catch up with everybody. She did not as of yet call Applebee’s to demand that the employee that she got fired be given her job back. You can see a local interview that she did with the St. Louis Dispatch by clicking on this story from The Smoking Gun.

Here’s her “church” – churchup

Anyone remember in the WWE when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin went through his “What?” phase of cutting promos? Picture that, but with a fat Pastor who for some reason has to end every phrase with “HA” and you can grasp what a sermon by Alois Bell sounds like.

The WORST kind of people walking this planet are those who use God as an excuse to act like a dick to their fellow man. If you wonder why more and more people identify themselves as Atheists, it’s because of “Christians” like Alois Bell. Applebee’s has over 17,000 comments (and counting) on their Facebook page from outraged customers saying that they will be boycotting the restaurant because of the way they handled this situation. It gives us hope that Applebee’s not doing the right thing is going to literally cost them millions of dollars. Don’t let the riblets lure you in, America.

What do you think? Should the waitress have been fired? Should the Pastor fight to get her job back? How would you handle the situation? Leave your comments.

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Sean Kemmerer is a freelance writer, administrator of Politics Without The Crazy Pills, can be followed @Walkofshameband, and knows that since Jesus was a Jew, he wouldn’t tip 18% either.