Yesterday, I wrote a column for Americans Against the Tea Party entitled, “Ann Coulter Clings to Her Guns, and Her Adams Apple.” If you click the link, you’ll see that the article is about Ann Coulter’s recent comments claiming that background checks and gun registration would essentially lead to the government “exterminating” people. Here’s the clip (and the point of the column):

The article garnered hundreds of comments condemning it because of a couple of jokes (including the title) that were taken as an insult to members of the LGBT community. Here is the line that caused the ruckus:


The line is now edited out of the piece, and that was not my decision. I understand the need for the edit, but I do not apologize for the column, and I stand by every word I wrote. My job as a writer for a political organization is to evoke emotion, encourage discussion, be educational, amd entertaining. If you were under some misguided impression that I am a reporter who does not inject editorial statements into my articles, consider yourself corrected. Since we are clearing the air:

Ann Coulter is probably not a man.

Ann Coulter is probably not living as a transgender person.

Ann Coulter is probably not in possession of an Adam’s apple or testicles (at least not her own).

If Ann Coulter WAS in fact a man, or a cross dresser, or a transgendered person, it would not change the fact that Ann Coulter is a despicable human being. Her rhetoric, attitude, bigotry, lies, hatred, and blatant propaganda are terrible. These things are completely independent of whatever Ann Coulter’s sexual orientation happens to be. Do I literally think that Ann Coulter was the inspiration for a 20 year-old song? Yes, I literally do.

Ok no… I don’t. Besides, wouldn’t it be “Lady Looks Like a Dude” if we were going to continue split hairs and not understand what hyperbole is?

I feel bad that there are still people living in America in 2013 who define their existence by their sexuality. I’ve had drag shows open for my band. Seriously – That’s our equipment on stage:

And no BS – The Beyonce-in-Drag was amazing

I’ve written extensively as an advocate for same-sex rights, marriage equality, and women’s rights. Since we are getting outraged over nothing, I’d like to take this time to express how devastated I am at being labeled as transbigoted because some bleeding-heart liberals can’t take a joke. Careful, my liberal friends. The next time you call somebody a “teatard,” “redneck,” “teabilly,” or other derogatory term because they might be “different” than you, don’t choke on your own hypocrisy.

So what brought this on? Well, as much as I write from a place of satire, I am legitimately hurt at the response. Hey, I purposely instigate, and write about controversial things. A lot of the flames, I’m LOOKING for. A trans person named Dyssonance wrote a nice hate-filled blog about me, and there were parts of it that I found informative, and parts that were just batshit crazy. Let’s recall my original article: At NO point did I refer to Ann Coulter’s sexuality, sexual orientation, or call her a “Tranny” or any other term that could be deemed derogatory towards Trans people. I made a reference to her adam’s apple (which men and women can both have) and a classic rock song (that frankly would be backwards if it was meant as an actual personal attack towards Coulter’s orientation) and that’s it. From Dyssonance’s blog:

Couple other points: “tranny”, “trannie”, and similar derivatives, in the US, are insults. No, not all trans people agree with that, but, um, that doesn’t change the fact they are insults. The only time they can, generally speaking, be used without being a stupid fucking thing that only an ignorant shithead would do is when a Trans person refers to themselves as a Tranny — but not other trans people.

And there it is in one paragraph: The fake indignation revealed. So because I’m not a transgendered person, I can’t make a joke about transgendered people? Is this like how only black people can say “nigger” and only members of the homosexual community can say “faggot?” Frankly, I find that completely retarded. If you think that I’m somehow talking about people who are learning disabled when I say retarded, you officially need to loosen the fuck up.

My opinions are mine, and do not reflect those of AATTP or anybody else.

In closing: My comments about Ann Coulter may have been perceived as insensitive towards members of the LGBT community, but that was clearly not my intention. In writing that piece, I created a great dialogue that hopefully will lead to a better understanding and tolerance towards all people who are living a Trans lifestyle.

Except for Ann Coulter. Fuck that intolerant twat.

Sean Kemmerer is a freelance writer, administrator of Politics Without The Crazy Pills, can be followed @Walkofshameband, and wonders how Tranny panties can get so in a bunch with a massive unit in the way.