It seems like a weekly occurrence for the GOP to cause rational thinking Americans to wonder how they ever passed 5th grade science. One consistency in their complete and utter ignorance is that it is almost always based on their religious beliefs. This is by no means an attack on faith, but rather a clarification on opinion vs. fact. This might be hard for some Christians to hear, but really it should only be rough on the people who believe that Jesus rode dinosaurs and that the earth is really only around 9,000 years old. Of course, science is basically just lies straight from the pit of hell, anyway:

Now, Rep. Broun has the right to believe whatever he wants. Should he be on the Science Committee with such a remedial understanding of science? Probably not. Then again, Michelle Bachmann is on the House Intelligence Committee, and she thinks the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Obama Administration.

For as crazy and flat out wrong that these characters can be, they are still entitled to their opinions. However, they are not entitled to their own facts. Facts can be debated, but they can’t be denied. When every bit of evidence points to a planet that is billions of years old, somebody who denies that fact better have a learning disability or be 5 years old to have a valid excuse for being that stupid.

Sorry Rex - No more room on the Ark.

Sorry Rex – No more room on the Ark.

I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. They are widely regarded as one of the greatest professional sports teams ever. Can a Baltimore Ravens fan make a credible argument for their team to be better than the Steelers? Absolutely. These are subjective opinions – There is no one “right” answer. Conversely speaking if you try to argue with me that the Steelers are not the best football team ever because you don’t believe that they really have won six Super Bowls… You might be a Christian.

If you lack even a basic understanding on how the human body works, maybe you shouldn’t say that a woman’s womb is essentially a dead baby graveyard if she uses birth control. Has anyone else noticed the Fox News Journalism 101 tactic to use “Some people say” or “Certain experts have argued” in lieu of actual sources?


If you truly consider yourself a “Patriot” you should probably begin operating in reality. To move the country forward (regardless of what your opinion is on HOW to do that) we must all be working from the same set of accepted facts. If one party is pretending that the deficit has doubled under Obama it would most likely hinder budget negotiations. In reality, the Obama Administration has shaved hundreds of billions of dollars from the deficit despite some glaring obstructionism from his friends on the other side of the aisle.

Look, if you want to believe that heathen women have dead babies lined up inside of them, that’s fine. If you are using such nonsense to promote actual legislation that affects millions of people, we’re going to have a problem. America is not a “Christian Nation” any more than it is a “White Nation” and trying to pass laws that do not reflect the evolving Will of the People is not something that we should tolerate from the people we choose to represent us.

Then again – What if they don’t believe in evolution?

Sean Kemmerer is a freelance writer, administrator of Politics Without The Crazy Pills, can be followed @Walkofshameband and knows that the Flintstones should not be regarded as historically accurate.