When did we become a nation that functioned almost completely in the abstract at the expense of ignoring the reality in front of us? When did it become all about the “conspiracy?” When did the focus shift to what was potentially-maybe-possibly-going-to-probably-happen-not-now-but-soon instead of the present?

Seriously – I’m asking. Was it 9/11? Is it partially the fault of the media for forgetting that it once responsibly reported the news as a public service and not as a program designed for ratings? When did we stop paying attention to the man behind the curtain?

Obama is not coming for your guns. You know what REALLY ACTUALLY happened? Congress cut 4.3 billion dollars from the budget appropriated towards mental health.

They’re coming to take you away

Benghazi is not some massive government cover up to watch four Americans get murdered. You know what it REALLY ACTUALLY is? An unfortunate and all too common occurrence in dangerous diplomatic situations. Oh, and Congress REALLY ACTUALLY cut hundreds of millions of dollars that the State Department requested from their budget.

Sandy Hook is not a false flag operation undertaken by literally thousands of parents, students, teachers, local law enforcement, medical staff, the media, FEMA, and the government to push for the comprehensive background checks that 92% of the country wants, anyway. You know what it REALLY ACTUALLY was? A crazy guy who probably shouldn’t have had any access to guns committing a terrible crime..

The CIA is not killing Americans in their own beds on American soil. You know what is REALLY ACTUALLY happening? Drones that have been used for recon and surveillance are being used to help law enforcement hunt down a dangerous killer.

Obama said take you out

The President’s birth certificate was not photoshopped. Neither was the picture of him shooting a gun. Neither was the picture of him throwing a football. Neither are the “situation room” photos. Obama isn’t going to run for a third term, there are no RFID chips to control you that we are all going to have implanted, there wasn’t 6 million cases of voter fraud that let Obama win the 2012 election, there are no death panels…

Starting to get the point?

Every second that is spent talking about these insane hypotheticals is a second NOT spent addressing actual problems and debating ways to fix them. When Obama DOES show up and try to take your handgun, let’s address that. When drones are dropping bombs on Americans on American soil without due process, let’s address that.. Until then, it is our responsibility to have a real conversation about gun safety. It is our responsibility to have a debate over the evolution of drone and cyber warfare. It is our responsibility to figure out ways to keep our men and women serving in hostile areas alive. It is our responsibility to protect our children from getting shot in the face while still preserving our right to safely bear arms.

Can we do it, America? Can we stop with the fear and have the big-boy conversations that we need to have in order to move this country forward?

Sean Kemmerer is a freelance writer, administrator of Politics Without The Crazy Pills, can be followed @Walkofshameband, and wants to be the first to congratulate Obama on becoming the next Pope.