Do you think maybe these guys are old, and just forget that EVERYTHING that they do and say is recorded now? Like, do Republicans really not remember that they VOTED for this? Are they aware that this magical series of tubes commonly referred to as “The Internet” makes things like voting records easily accessible to the average Joe? Yes, some Democrats voted for the Budget Control Act of 2011 as well… But a LOT of them voted no. How many you ask?


So how did this become Obama’s sequestration? Isn’t it funny that the Republicans who are so hell-bent on spending cuts are now the party that wants to take ZERO responsibility for them?

Hypocrisy and political grandstanding aside, the evidence simply doesn’t support the Speaker’s claims. I wish there was a way that we could somehow check all the way back in 2011 to see what the feeling was coming out of the negotiations. Like, what if our elected officials had a website where they documented what they were proposing?

Yeah… Directly from Boehner’s website.

I mean sure, that’s what is on his website – but some intern probably whipped that up. What did Boehner actually SAY? Oh wait… I can pretend to be a journalist and dig that up! The fun stuff comes at around 2:00, where Boehner clearly says that he got “98% of what he wanted” in the deal. Notice that he did not say anything along the lines of, “Man, I really wish we didn’t have to agree to this deal but that damn Obama strong-armed us! This one is all on him!”

So remember the next time you hear the GOP talking about the horrible #Obamaquester – They voted for it. If Republicans really think that severe cuts are good for the economy, why would they be giving Obama credit for them?

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