The Republican party has painted themselves into the proverbial corner. If the sequestration debates have exposed anything about the party of “fiscal responsibility”, it is that they are suffering from a severe identity crisis. Don’t worry – They haven’t changed their positions on immigration (You can still get out), climate change (It still doesn’t exist), women’s rights (not to leave the kitchen), LGBT rights (Unless it’s the right to get their ass whipped), healthcare (Although it is funny to see GOP Governors Flip-Flop on Obamacare)… you get the point.

If cuts are so good for America, why is the GOP not taking credit for them? Why is sequestration Obama’s fault? If Republicans really believe that the Will of the People is to slash government, why aren’t they standing up proudly for that?

Here is my legitimate question:

Republicans are against any additional taxes or revenues.

Republicans are against any additional spending.

So we can’t collect more money, and we can’t invest more money – How do we help the economy recover? Does the GOP have ANY solution besides cutting taxes? How did that work out in the last decade?


I know, I know – Spending is out of control under Obama, except that it’s not.


Can somebody, ANYBODY tell me what the Republican party stands for (besides saying “no”) anymore? Unless we are talking about assault weapons and transvaginal ultrasounds, I’m drawing a complete blank. More importantly – How is today’s Republican party prepared to help move our country forward?

Seriously. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Sean Kemmerer is a freelance writer, administrator of Politics Without The Crazy Pills, can be followed @Walkofshameband, and wishes the GOP stood for pizza. Who doesn’t like pizza?