“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Einstein

What are you going to do now, Republicans?

President Obama had hundreds of e-mails relating to Benghazi released that revealed the entire “cover-up” as nothing more than a right-wing witch hunt. How does one cover up something when all of the information has been made available? Couple this with the revelation that Ambassador Stevens actually refused offers for increased security and it becomes clear that while there still may be some unanswered questions, they are in no way part of any conspiracy. What could Ambassador Stevens’ motivation be for not wanting a massive military presence in Tripoli? He’s a diplomat, right? You know… Diplomacy? Besides, it’s not like Republicans slashing the State Department budget had anything to do with holes in security… or did it? Somebody should investigate that.

So now that Benghazi is officially completely debunked, our legislators can tackle overhauling the immigration system, right?

What are you going to now, Republicans?

President Obama got out in front of the IRS scandal where conservative groups appear to have been unfairly targeted by a branch IRS office. Obama (and really, since the IRS is an independent group, everyone is equally outraged) made sure that the acting head of the IRS resigned, citing a need for a “fresh start” in the organization. Nevermind that the alleged wrongdoing happened under previous IRS Commissioner (and Bush appointee) Mark Everson – Heads will roll! Expect to see Lois Lerner get the ax shortly as well.

Just to recap: The Tea Party – A group that wants to abolish the IRS is shocked that their applications for non-profit status may have been unfairly scrutinized. In other news, I’ve noticed that I get pulled over a lot more by the police after I put my “Cops are donut-eating pigs!” bumper sticker on my car.

The funny thing is, the ACTUAL scandal should revolve around the untraceable and anonymous money that is being poured into these sham organizations. In true Tea Party fashion, it turns out that one of the reasons their applications raised red flags is because they were not necessary. If anyone wants to start a social welfare group, they can just do it, then submit the corresponding tax return (form 990) at the end of the year. To be sure, the IRS certainly allows groups to apply for tax-exempt status if they want to make their status official. But the application is completely voluntary, making it a strange basis for an alleged witch hunt. From Noam Scheiber:

“So the crime here had nothing to do with “targeting” conservatives. The targeting was effectively done by the conservative groups themselves, when they filed their gratuitous applications. The crime, such as it is, was twofold. First, in the course of legitimately vetting questionable applications, the IRS appears to have been more intrusive than justified, asking for information about donors whose privacy it should have respected. This is unfortunate and intolerable, but not quite a threat to democracy.”

People are getting fired, there will be an extensive investigation by the Inspector General and Department of Justice, and it’s a non-partisan issue.

So now that the IRS scandal has been dealt with, can our legislators get to work on a jobs bill, and work to fix our crumbling infrastructure?

What are you going to now, Republicans?

Today Congress voted for a 37th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare.” No worries about the millions of Americans who would lose health insurance, the millions of children who would be denied coverage due to preexisting conditions, or those free check-ups, cancer screenings, mammograms, and other goodies that Obamacare gives us all, the GOP knows that the old saying “The 37th time is the charm” must hold true.

Has the GOP offered any type of replacement legislation while they wasted 40+ days of legislative time in this exercise in futility? No. Not a single mention of what the 30 million plus people who would be stripped of basic medical care would do if Obamacare would be replaced. It apparently has been forgotten that Obamacare is, as Speaker John Boehner said after the 2012 election, the law of the land and its constitutionality has been upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States. I thought these guys respected the Constitution? In their terms: The right to basic medical care SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

So now that the political grandstanding is over, more time and taxpayer dollars have been wasted, and nothing has been accomplished, our legislators can tackle the task of improving gun safety laws to help curtail the tens of thousands of Americans who are killed every year by a firearm, right?

The AP Scandal? Good thing there was no wiretapping under Bush/Cheney. Oh wait… There was. In fact, Congress overwhelmingly passed legislation to help protect The Press from such intrusions… But it was killed by a GOP filibuster in the Senate back in 2008.

Republicans better think of something, and fast. If they can’t come up with another Birth Certificate, or Solyndra, or Fast and Furious, or Benghazi, or Obama coming for your guns, the government buying all of the ammo, black helicopters, FEMA camps, etc. – they might have to start talking about their ideas for how to run the country.

Does anybody remember what they want to do? Seriously, does anybody have any ideas?

It’s about to be very clear that the GOP does not.

Sean Kemmerer is a freelance writer, administrator of Politics Without The Crazy Pills , and knows that the tornadoes in Texas are just Obama controlling the weather to help make sure everybody gets gay married and abortions are made mandatory.

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