My name is Sean Kemmerer. I went to St. Bartholomew grade school and graduated from Duquesne University; a private Catholic college. I am a Christian.

I’m also a Godless Communist Liberal.

How is this possible? The narrative in America has always been that the conservatives were the ones who loved Jesus and anybody who didn’t place Ronald Reagan at the Left-Hand of the Father had to be a heathen who just wanted the world to be overrun by gay couples who somehow still used abortion as their only form of birth control and expected the government to pay for both the abortion and their fabulous gay wedding.

This might come as a shock to many people who think that Christians only care about “traditional marriage” as defined by The Bible, but many of us do not take the Bible as a literal Code of Laws that is supposed to govern how we legislate. Besides, have you actually READ what the Bible says constitutes a marriage?

The teachings of Jesus Christ are lessons on how to do crazy things like “Love thy Neighbor” and how to “Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged” – How to be a better person: How to be as He was, and walk as He did.

Turns out that my Lord and Savior is like me, a Godless Communist Liberal. Ok, He is probably not “Godless” but let me break this down as as simply as possible:

When it comes to taking care of sick people or making sure that the poor have enough to eat – Which party do YOU think follows the teachings of Jesus Christ?

Right now there are a lot of our neighbors that need a little bit of love in Oklahoma. I’ll take one last jab at Republicans, who voted against Hurricane Sandy relief – including both Senators from the Sooner State. Tornadoes are not political by nature, so we should probably ignore the “Obama uses secret weather-machine to cause tornadoes in Oklahoma just to laugh at their Congressmen asking for disaster funds after they all voted against Hurricane Sandy Relief.” rhetoric.

What Would Jesus Do?

He’d probably do more than pray. Prayer is an awesome way to meditate, thank God, ask for forgiveness, and for the health and well being of loved ones. However, until prayer brings Jesus back with loaves of bread and fish as well as medical supplies to help the people in Oklahoma, we have an obligation as Christians to act as He would have.

Does that mean that we should give the shoes off of our feet? No. That being said, here are some reasonable alternatives:

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has several shelters open in Oklahoma and Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles have begun delivering hot meals throughout the affected areas. The Red Cross is also working to link loved ones in Moore who are OK through a website called Safe and Well. Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief, donate online, or donate by phone at 1-800-RED CROSS.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is activating disaster response teams and mobile feeding units to help residents and rescuers in Moore, Okla., as well as in other locations in the Plains and the Midwest that were impacted by tornadoes. Donate online or text STORM to 80888 to contribute $10 to the Salvation Army’s relief efforts or make a donation by phone at 1-800-SAL-ARMY. If you’re sending a check make sure you put the words “Oklahoma Tornado Relief” on the check, and mail it to: The Salvation Army, P.O. Box 12600, Oklahoma City, OK., 73157.

Operation USA

Los Angeles-based international relief agency Operation USA announced it’s providing emergency aid where needed to community-based health organizations across Oklahoma. Donate online, by phone at 1-800-678-7255, or by check made out to Operation USA, 7421 Beverly Blvd., PH, Los Angeles, CA 90036. You can also donate $10 by texting AID to 50555. Corporate donations of bulk quantities of disaster-appropriate supplies are also being requested.

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief says it has deployed at least 80 volunteers to respond to severe weather in Oklahoma. Those interested in helping can make a tax-deductible donation to the BGCO’s Disaster Relief ministry online or call (405) 942-3800. You may also send checks to: BGCO Attn: Disaster Relief 3800 N. May Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73112.

Here is a link with more organizations who could use your help.

Even if you aren’t a religious person, you can still be a GOOD person. Karma is non-partisan, too.

Sean Kemmerer is a freelance writer, administrator of Politics Without The Crazy Pills , and wonders when Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton are going to show up and track these damn storms.

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