We keep hearing the same old arguments against marriage equality, and everytime we prove one wrong, another one is brought up, so I’ve decided to once and for all deal with the most commonly used “arguments”:

We must preserve traditional marriage!

“Traditional” marriage is many different things in many different cultures, such as having multiple wives, marrying a child bride, marrying someone you’ve never met before etc.

Marriage has evolved over time, just as society has, and new traditions have been created.

Preserving status quo at all costs has never worked, and never will.

Marriage is a sacred institution!

No, marriage is a legal contract, providing both parties with certain rights, benefits and duties, such as joint tax status, visitation rights in hospitals etc.

This “sacred” thing you’re talking about is a wedding, which is performed in a church.

Marriage contract 1

Gay marriage will confuse gender roles!

Exactly what gender roles are you talking about? The woman belonging in the kitchen, and the man being the one bringing home the bacon? Those roles were abandoned decades ago, and no sane person wants them back.

Gay people can’t have children so they shouldn’t be allowed to marry!

Marriage is not about having children – it’s about declaring to the world that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and at the same time providing your loved one with some form of insurance should you pass away.

If marriage was a pre-requisite for having children, there would be no single parents in existence.

Also, by the same logic, infertile people shouldn’t be allowed to marry, nor women past their menopause.

The argument is invalid.

Studies have shown that heterosexual parents are better for children!

No, studies have shown that children of homosexual parents are just as well functioning as children of heterosexual parents, and in most cases these children excel in school and are happier in life.

Stop making up stuff.

No one has the right to redefine marriage!

Marriage has been continually “redefined” through human history, and the “redefinition” of marriage is the reason you can’t have more than one spouse.

The word “marriage” actually means to unite two things, so again, your argument is invalid.

Polygamy 1

The minority should not have the right to dictate to the majority!

Nobody is dictating anything. Marriage equality will not force heterosexuals to marry people of the same gender, and churches will not be forced to perform same-sex weddings.

You can keep on living your life as you always have.

Public opinion polls show most people are against gay marriage!

Wrong. The latest polls show a majority in FAVOR of marriage equality, which a quick Google-search will show you.

Besides, it’s none of anybody’s business. How would YOU feel if people argued that you didn’t have the right to marry?

Why do gay people have to get society’s approval?

Because homosexuals are a contributing part of society, just like heterosexuals are.

Gay marriage is immoral!

It might be in your opinion, but luckily the USA isn’t a theocracy, and a marriage between two consenting adults is a beautiful thing.

Stop thinking about what goes on in the bedroom.

Gay people should not be allowed to marry because they are more likely to be promiscuous!

What about getting divorced and married multiple times?

Forcing your pregnant mistress into having an abortion, even though you’re offically pro-life?

Besides, what other people do is none of your business. If they want to have sexual intercourse with multiple partners, it’s their personal business, and none of yours.

Also, heterosexuals are just as likely to be promiscuous as homosexuals – it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

I love my best friend, my brother and my dog. That does not mean we should have the right to marry!

I love my best friend as a friend, I love my sister as a sister and I love my dog as a pet. I do not want to marry either.

Dog bride 1

I love my boyfriend as a partner, a lover, a soulmate, and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I have the right to marry him, and I want every human being to have the right to marry the one they love as a partner, a lover and a soulmate, too.

If you can’t tell the difference between the many forms of love, then you really need to see a therapist.

God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!

Not everyone believes in your god, and the Bible isn’t the law of the land, however much you want it to be, so your argument is – yet again – invalid.

Religious freedom means that everyone has the right to practice the religion (or lack thereof) of their choice, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone, and Christianity is but one of many religions in the USA.

Also, please explain how the world got populated if God made Cain and Abel, not Cain and Mabel.

If everybody was gay, mankind would cease to exist!

Good thing not everybody is or will ever be homosexual, then.


Gay rights are fashionable right now!

No, LGBT rights are finally getting the attention they deserve. And even IF they were “fashionable” it’s still about fundamental human rights.

The only people who want gay marriage are the liberal elites!

There are more and more conservatives speaking out in favor of marriage equality, so your argument doesn’t quite hold water.

However, the reason that more liberals are in favor is that they tend to care more about their fellow human beings than conservatives do.

Gay people can already get married – to people of the opposite gender!

Homosexuals can NOT get married to the person they love. Heterosexuals can, and THAT is what marriage equality is about.

There will be drastic consequences for society if we accept gay marriage!

Yes, drastic consequences such as all citizens enjoying the same rights. Take a look at some of the countries who’ve had marriage equality for years. They’re doing very well, and their societies didn’t crumble.

Explosion 1

Gay marriage will cause the disestablishment of the church!

No, it won’t. The churches will keep on doing what they’ve always done.

Gay marriage violates natural law!

What natural law? There are multiple species in nature practicing homosexual behavior, so that argument is moot.

Besides, humans are no longer “natural” beings, we’ve become “cultural” beings:

It is not natural to go from place to place on anything but your legs.

It is not natural to drink the milk from another species.

It is not natural to insert silicone into your body.

It is not natural to wear high heels.

And the list goes on and on and on…

Gay marriage always denies a child either a father or a mother!

No it doesn’t. If the child is not adopted, it will still have both the mother and the father, plus one or more bonus parents.

As for orphans, they will gain TWO parents where before they had NONE, and – most likely – the children that most heterosexual couples don’t want will be taken in with open arms by homosexual couples.

And each and every child being welcomed into a same-sex couple will be a child WANTED, a child WISHED FOR, not a “woops” baby, so you can be damned sure that these children will be loved to bits.

Gay marriage turns a moral wrong into a civil right!

Only morally wrong in YOUR book. Again, the USA doesn’t legislate according to religion.

Also, according to the Bible, Lot had sex with his two virgin daughters, and they bore him children. How’s that for morally wrong?

Gay marriage validates and promotes the homosexual lifestyle!

Marriage equality doesn’t “promote” anything, but yes, it WILL validate homosexual relationships, and they deserve that, just as heterosexual relationships are validated already.

Gay marriage does not create a family but a naturally sterile union!

Again, marriage is not about producing children. A family can consist of two spouses, and there’s always adoption for infertile couples – many heterosexuals are infertile, and they’re still allowed to marry.

And what about women past their menopause? They’re still allowed to get married.

Gay marriage offends God!

Not everyone worships your god, and besides, nobody’s ever heard him say that it offends him. All you have is an ancient book written by men who lived in an entirely different culture than the one we have today.

Bible 1

Gay marriage violates tradition!

Traditions change as society evolves, and homosexuality has existed for as long as humans have been around, so that is a tradition, too. You just refuse to acknowledge it.

Legalizing gay marriage will put us on a slippery slope towards legalizing polygamy!

Stop comparing apples and oranges.

Two adults loving each other, and wanting to provide each other with certain securities should something bad happen, has nothing to do with someone wanting a harem.

Besides – and this is my PERSONAL opinion – I don’t see anything wrong with 3+ consenting adults all marrying each other if that is what they want. As long as everyone is ok with it.

Gay marriage trivializes and therefore weakens the institution of heterosexual mar­riage!

No it doesn’t. Heterosexual marriages won’t all of a sudden dissolve because homosexuals are allowed to marry, and neither will the number of heterosexual weddings decrease.

If anything has ever trivialized and weakened marriages, it’s allowing people to divorce each other.

Before, when people said “I do” to “Til death do us part”, they meant it and they knew it to be the truth. Now, people still say I do, but they know that it’s not the truth, and that they can “get out” whenever they want to, so making the decision of getting married isn’t as committing as it used to be, and THAT has caused the institution of marriage to be trivialized and weakened.

A marriage will still be a marriage, regardless of the gender of the brides/grooms.

Gay marriage is incompatible with religious liberty!

Actually, marriage equality IS religious liberty.

The loudest arguments against marriage equality are the religious ones, and religious liberty means that nobody has the right to force anyone to follow a specific religion or its laws, i.e. the Bible, the Quran, the Torah.

Stop yelling about persecution, when in fact YOU are the ones persecuting others, trying to force your religious beliefs and laws down their throats.

Gay marriage will lead to more people becoming homosexual!


s much as you want to believe it, being homosexual is not a choice. You are born with your sexual orientation, and no amount of “evil gay agenda and recruitment” will change that.

I urge you to Google David Reimer whose penis was accidentally destroyed when he was an infant due to a circumcision gone wrong.

He was raised as a girl, was told he was a girl, and he was medicated with female hormones.

David Reimer 1

He never, ever, felt like a girl, and when he grew up he was told the truth and finally became the man he’d always been. He ended up committing suicide because of his traumatic childhood. It is a sad story, but you really ought to read it.

So no, marriage equality will not make more people homosexual, but as society finally accepts that homosexuals are people, too, maybe more will “come out of the closet” and no longer be afraid of showing who they are.


A final note for people opposing marriage equality for any of the reasons above:

I live in a country where we’ve had civil unions (with the exact same benefits as marriages) since 1989, and last year homosexual couples were finally given the right to wed in a church – some priests have performed these weddings since the introduction of civil unions, but now every priest has to.

Anyway, our society hasn’t crumbled. Our church is still here, and it’s still tax funded. Heterosexuals still get married and have children. We don’t have more homosexuals, and we haven’t legalized polygamy.

All your arguments are ignorant and invalid, and my country is proof of that.


Mrs. Facts

Mrs. Facts is a world citizen, living in Denmark, and she is very concerned about the current political and religious climate in the United States of America, due to the fact that whatever happens in the US has a tendency to resonate throughout the rest of the world. You can follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MrsFacts.