On the heels of a government shutdown that left Republicans with their lowest popularity ratings ever, (Even worse than Nickelback!) there was hope that the GOP would take a long, hard look in the mirror and assess its viability on the national stage.

I say “was” because much like America hoped for Republican reflection after they got decimated in the 2012 election, the optimism was short-lived.

The GOP, led by Senator Ted Cruz, took the country to the brink of financial ruin over their opposition to Obamacare. Wait… It was because the deficit is out of control! Wait… It was because we need smaller government! Wait… Why DID Republicans take an estimated 24 billion dollars out of the US economy?

  • About $3.1 billion in lost government services, according to the research firm IHS
  • $152 million per day in lost travel spending, according to the U.S. Travel Association
  • $76 million per day lost because of National Parks being shut down, according to the National Park Service
  • $217 million per day in lost federal and contractor wages in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area alone

Now, I KNOW that the party of “Fiscal responsibility” will remember this the next time they start complaining about how much Obama’s vacations cost, because they would NEVER want to appear like hypocritical bags of douche, right?


The confusion over WHY Republicans were fighting for the shutdown does bring up an interesting question that I’ve asked before:

What DOES the Republican Party want to… ya know… DO?

We know that children with pre-existing conditions getting access to a doctor is evil, and taxes are bad – But what have Republicans actually DONE since becoming the majority in Congress?

What have they done on immigration? Nothing.

What have they done to pass a jobs bill? Nothing. (In fact, they filibustered the Veterans Jobs Corp Act

What have they done to improve infrastructure? Nothing. (Again, they opposed Obama’s plan… All of them.

What have they done to pass sensible reforms to gun laws? COLD DEAD HANDS!

What have they proposed to replace Obamacare, the bill that they voted to kill more than 40 times? Oh yeah… Nothing.

They voted against fair pay for women and equal rights, but managed to pass several laws restricting access to abortion and voting.

So besides making sure nothing gets done, what do Republicans actually want to GET done?

Sean Kemmerer is a freelance writer, administrator of Politics Without The Crazy Pills , and is happy to report that our good friend Cletus T. Cousinhumper has returned to Facebook. Give him a like.