We are going to war.

… Again.

Americans are going to die.

… Again.

Does anyone know why?

Seriously?  Can somebody help me with this?  Let me see if I can’t sum it up:

Crimea is a region of the former Soviet Union that was under the control of Ukraine after the collapse of the USSR.  Many of the citizens of Crimea have roots in Russia, and a strong allegiance to that country.  The citizens of Crimea voted, in an apparently democratic process, to rejoin Russia.

Russia did not invade Crimea.

Russia did not steal Crimea.

Russia did not use military force to annex Crimea.

Russia did not slaughter thousands of people in war-like aggression in Crimea. (There are reports that one Ukrainian solider was killed today)

Russia did not bomb Crimea.

Crimea chose to join Russia.

Yay for Democracy! When it’s the US making Iraq vote for it, NOT when it’s RUSSIA!

Ron Paul wrote a great op-ed in the USA Today titled, ““Crimea secedes. So what?” that people like John McCain should read. Of course, our Congress can’t read it because they are too busy voting to slash food stamps, job benefits to Veterans, VA funding, Medicaid, education, and other vital programs because after all – WE CAN’T AFFORD IT!

The Iraq/Afghanistan wars have cost literally trillions of dollars.

How many billions do you think it would take to get our troops over there? How many billions to offer military support and training to Ukraine? And more importantly – How many billions just got slashed from families who need help feeding their children, or buying their medicine? The same people who TYPE IN ALL CAPS about OBAMA taking a VACATION that costs 4 MILLION WITH A “M” DOLLARS never seem to notice those big-ticket appropriations things. You know what we need to do? Give Congress a pay cut! That will fix it! Because… Economics!

I don’t often agree with Ron Paul, but “Why does the U.S. care which flag will be hoisted on a small piece of land thousands of miles away?”

You know… People MIGHT end up getting killed thousands of miles away.

You know what else? People ARE dying right now in your town, and it could probably be avoided.

Priorities, America. We used to have them.

War. What is it good for? Well, it’s good for Haliburton. It’s good for taking billions of taxpayer dollars to build useless tanks and airplanes that we will never use, and that the army says we don’t need. War is good for a jobs program. Not an actual jobs program, like rebuilding AMERICAN roads and bridges, mind you.

I’m sorry, I meant “Nation Building” – but that only counts if we go somewhere, bomb them, and then help them fix it.

Anyone think it is time to fire a few missiles into Detroit? Maybe it will get the focus, and the troops, back home where they belong.


Sean Kemmerer is a freelance writer, administrator of Politics Without The Crazy Pills , and just can’t handle any more Wounded Warrior commercials.