The Sean from ten years ago is scratching his head at the last post I made, although I am really pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction and comments. I’m not going to lie – I wrote that drunk at 5am. I feel like that episode of “Family Guy” where Peter can play the piano really well, but only when he’s hammered.

At any rate, thanks for reading.

So to follow up on my “girl power” column from a couple of days ago… Ray Rice.

First off, I’m not as quick as many of you to applaud the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens for “doing the right thing” and terminating Rice’s contract. Do you really think that today was the first time that Roger Goddell, the NFL, or the Ravens saw the actual footage? Let me break it down for you in simple terms:

The Ravens didn’t fire Ray Rice when

saw the video. They fired Ray Rice when


saw the video.

Not only did they wait until the video was leaked to act, they actually tweeted out that it was HER fault, and that she was sorry for her role. They have since deleted the tweet from May.


Keep it classy, Baltimore.

Not to make this political, but do yourself a favor and look up the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and ask yourself why your Republican friends are against it. No, really.

Domestic abuse is a serious problem in this country. It’s why women are more than six times more likely to be killed by their spouse than anyone else, especially if there is a gun in the home. Roger Goddell might end up losing his job over the slap-on-the-wrist (pun intended) 2 game suspension that the NFL initially gave out, and many feel that he should. Some claim that this is all an overreaction – After all, it’s not like Ray Rice popped some Molly and was handing out hundo’s and having a good time at the Kentucky Derby. According to the NFL, that’s twice as bad as going all Street Fighter II on your significant other. Hey, at least I don’t have Welker on my fantasy team this year.

And since we are dishing out blame like Ray Rice throws left hooks (too soon?) – This is your fault too, America. You won’t stop cheering for the Ravens. You won’t stop buying the jerseys. You won’t stop watching football. Hell, I won’t either. We have to move away from letting these savages (© @AnthonyCumia) get away with murder (sometimes, literally) and call them out on it. Hell, SHE MARRIED HIM SHORTLY AFTER HE KNOCKED HER OUT!

I mean, it is kind of funny to have ESPN getting comments from Ray Lewis on the incident. At least Rice didn’t have a knife.

Speaking of ESPN, good for them for always having such a firm stance against perpetrators of domestic violence.

I’m just going to leave this right here for you all.


Sean Kemmerer is a freelance writer, administrator of Politics Without The Crazy Pills , and is now #3 on the Ravens depth chart at running back.