We made a mistake, America. We messed up.

For decades, conservative ideology has always proclaimed that in order for America to TRULY be a success we needed to run the country like a business. Unbridled Capitalism!

So we went out and elected somebody with no public service or political experience, but with a great reputation as a businessman.

We made a mistake, America. We messed up.

For some reason, we thought Donald J. Trump actually had a plan to “Make America Great Again” despite never really elaborating on HOW that was going to happen. Sure, he was going to build walls and kick out brown people – But beyond that we just decided as a country that we didn’t need to know any details. We didn’t need a plan. We didn’t need experience. We needed a businessman to come in and MAGA all over the place.

We made a mistake, America. We messed up.

What did we expect? That the man with not a day of experience serving others would somehow walk into the hardest job on the planet and nail it? Why? When he lied to us about his tax returns and business dealings we just ignored it while at the same time disqualifying an old lady from being President for using the wrong e-mail server. Why? (PS – Trump is LITERALLY using on unsecured device to send tweets and messages RIGHT NOW.) We expected this guy to put OUR interests in front of his own. Why? When had he ever done that before?

“Well yeah, but once he becomes President, he’ll change.” Why? Because 70-year old men often have life-altering revelations?

We made a mistake, America. We messed up.

You know the worst part of it, America? We should have seen this coming. It’s not like Trump is even a GOOD salesman – How did we get bamboozled? He campaigned on Mexico building us a wall, and Mexico promptly laughed at him and simply said no. Now what? A tariff on goods that we have to pay? Congress finding 20 million dollars for a non-functional wall (The same Congress that couldn’t find 8 billion to take care of 9/11 First Responders because it was “too expensive, mind you.) and cutting the EPA and other services for the country?

We should have seen it coming, America. When Trump calls Putin next week and “announces” that Putin has agreed to dismantle a few of the thousands of nukes that Russia has, Trump can take a victory lap (he LOVES taking victory laps, even when he doesn’t win) and claim that HE and HE ALONE could negotiate with Putin (just like he did with Mexico for the wall) and as a result – We can lift sanctions against Russia! Nevermind that the sanctions are because Russia invaded Crimea and have nothing to do with renegotiating the START treaty.

We should have seen it coming, America. When Trump picked his buddy from Exxon to be Secretary of State, who happens to be friends with Putin, we should have caught on. We didn’t. Trump probably can’t believe he’s getting away with it, but it’s not his fault for trying. After all, he’s a businessman. So when he lifts sanctions against Russia and announces a massive 500 BILLION dollar deal between Exxon and Russia to drill oil, we can’t act surprised. That is LITERALLY the main reason that he wanted to be President. It’s just a business deal to him.

We should have seen it coming, America, but we didn’t.

It’s ok. We made a mistake, America. We messed up. The good news is that after Trump gets his half a trillion dollars in Russian oil money, he’ll probably just quit by the Summer. In the meantime he is still appointing some of the most unqualified people to help him run the government. The problem with him being an idiot is that he likes to surround himself with other idiots. OUR problem is that these idiots are going to mess with our children’s education, and water supply, and air quality, and burial grounds, and healthcare.

We made a mistake, America. We messed up. The first step is admitting that we have a problem. Now let’s fix this.

Before it’s too late.