As a wrestling fan, I can’t stand the fact that Bill Goldberg squashed the WWE Universal Champion in 20 seconds at the Fastlane Pay-Per-View. As a wrestling fan, it disgusts me that Kevin Owens – A guy who has given his blood, sweat, and tears to the wrestling business for 17 years lost to a guy who just kind of “showed up” after being gone for a decade.

Bill Goldberg is a relic. He’s a 52 year old man that was a terrible wrestler IN HIS PRIME and now can barely hit the two moves that he knows in the 2 minutes that he can wrestle before he blows up. As a wrestling fan, it kills me to know that the “main event” of Wrestlemania is going to be a guy who literally can’t wrestle and a guy who can only stomach being in a ring a handful of times all year because he doesn’t even really like it – Brock Lesnar is just there for the money… And because he’s suspended from the UFC for testing positive for banned substances.

Goldberg was terrible in WCW – A product of knowing the right people and politics. A guy who was manufactured as an alternative to Steve Austin who never bothered to learn how to actually work a match. Listen, if you book ME for a year straight where I walk down to the ring, punch my opponent one time and then pin them – People would start to think I was REALLY good.

I’m not.

Neither is Goldberg.

As a wrestling fan, nothing brought me more joy than THIS match from WCW where William Regal decided that he was going to use his 20 years of experience to actually… you know… WRESTLE with Goldberg.

See how it went:

As a wrestling fan – I remember that Bill Goldberg is EVERYTHING that is wrong with wrestling. He’s the Roman Reigns of his era: A guy who was overhyped, jammed down the throats, pushed too hard, pushed too soon.

Kevin Owens is everything that is RIGHT with the wrestling business. He busts his ass, he LIVES the business, and as such – Fans have to respect his run even through their boos. They respect his work. They respect his journey. It’s real.

“YOU DESERVE IT” they chanted at him when he won the WWE Universal Championship. Do you think anyone will chant that at Goldberg?

Now… as “One of the Boys” I completely understand the decision to put Goldberg over Owens. It sets up the money match at Wrestlemania with Brock Lesnar, and adds even more prestige now that it is for the Championship. Owens will face Jericho in a US Title match that will undoubtedly end up stealing the show, so they don’t need the extra rub. To steal a gimmick, it is the decision that was best for business. As one of the boys, I applaud Owens for doing business in the most professional way possible, and I get that Goldberg as the champion is going to get more eyes on the WWE product, which means more people buying the WWE Network, which means more mainstream coverage, which means more people buying the Wrestlemania Pay Per View.

I hope that the trade off for pissing off a large segment of the wrestling community is a small price for the eventual payoff from a business standpoint.

Because as a wrestling fan, that PPV was the drizzling shits.