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You… Deserve it?

As a wrestling fan, I can’t stand the fact that Bill Goldberg squashed the WWE Universal

Dear America: We Got Duped

We made a mistake, America. We messed up. For decades, conservative ideology has always proclaimed that

Blink Twice If You Need Help

This video keeps getting removed from my Facebook Page so I wanted to upload it somewhere

Obamacare Repeal: What Happens Next?

Americans may be in for a rude awakening.   For the past six years, Republican lawmakers

Endorsement: Kim Kardashian for POTUS

The editorial staff of PWTCP has a message for Trump supporters – Consider Kim Kardashian instead.

Thoughts and Prayers

I have to come clean: I used to be a person who offered “thoughts and prayers”

Feed Me More… Money

WWE Hall-of-Famer Jim Ross famously says that all wrestler disputes come down to one of the

Cause He Knows It’s Been Me They’ve Been Coming To See

This is going to be a weird parallel universe column comparing my life as a professional

A Deadly Idiocracy

A few months ago, leading GOP presidential candidates talked about how Planned Parenthood was essentially killing

No Experience Necessary

I generally keep the political stuff to my Politics Without The Crazy Pills page, but I have to