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Feed Me More… Money

WWE Hall-of-Famer Jim Ross famously says that all wrestler disputes come down to one of the

Cause He Knows It’s Been Me They’ve Been Coming To See

This is going to be a weird parallel universe column comparing my life as a professional

In Defense of Bret Hart

By guest writer PhantomLord: When it comes to writing about wrestling here on the Internet, there


One of my great life passions is professional wrestling. I have been lucky enough to live

Putting You Over

Have you ever met somebody that simply REFUSES to do what is best for them? Do

OMG HEEL TURN!!!!11!!1!

It’s 5am. I just got home from playing a show with a Grammy-award winning badass who
A Bit of Everything

Everyone Has One

It’s been really nice to have this forum to write again. It’s a bit of a