The editorial staff of PWTCP has a message for Trump supporters – Consider Kim Kardashian instead.

While on the surface the premise of a Kardashian presidency seems absurd, we are forced to compare her to the campaign being run by Republican nominee Donald Trump and on most key areas – we have found that Kim Kardashian is a superior choice to Donald J. Trump to be the next President of the United States.


Trump often boasts of his reach on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter where he has millions of followers. However,  Kardashian has 20 million more Facebook followers than Trump and 35 million more Twitter fans. While it is undeniable that Kim Kardashian has her “haters,” it is clear that her favorability ratings would be substantially higher than Trump’s.  She is loved around the world (with the notable exception of Paris, France) while Trump is hated so much globally (with the notable exception of Russia) that our allies hold debates on securing the border from Trump. Kardashian has had a much more successful Reality TV run with her show vs. The Apprentice.

Advantage: Kim K.


Both Trump and Kardashian are notorious attention-seekers, but only Kim K is willing to broadcast ALL aspects of her life for the American people. Trump has refused to release any tax or financial information, whereas Kim K is worth at least a documented half a billion dollars. Trump is 70 years old, clearly overweight, and refuses to release any detailed medical history at all. Kardashian is 35, and clearly…

Looks Pretty Healthy!

Looks Pretty Healthy!

Advantage: Kim K.


Kim Kardashian receives awards for her work with children and routinely donates around 10% of her personal income to charity. Trump has not donated to his own charity, The Trump Foundation, since 2008. Also, The Trump Foundation is not a real charity and was shut down because of it. He used charity money to buy a 6ft painting of himself and bribes political officials.

Advantage: Kim K.

Political Experience

Kim Kardashian – None
Donald Trump – None

This is clearly not an issue in the first place if you are voting for Trump.

Advantage: Tie

First Lady

Yeezus vs. Melania – Is it even close? How much fun would foreign leaders have requesting fish sticks to be served at every state dinner?

You... Like putting fish sticks in your mouth, Ye?

you… like putting fish sticks in your mouth, Ye?

Advantage: Kim K.

Minority Outreach

Trump has famously labeled Mexicans as criminals and rapists (although he assumes that SOME of them are good people) and called for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States.  Kardashian loves minorities so much that she will occasional date, marry, or make movies with them!

Advantage: Kim K. (and somehow Ray J.)


If Trump’s primary qualification to be President is his business record, Kim Kardashian is undeniably a better businessperson than Mr. Trump. She has never filed for bankruptcy and has built a much stronger brand than Trump. She’s younger, more charitable, less offensive, and more likable both domestically and internationally. She is as experienced as Trump in areas of politics, foreign policy, public service, and military service.

We, the editors at Politics Without the Crazy Pills implore Americans to strongly consider a Kardashian write-in. If you are going to vote for someone with no political or public service experience, at least make it someone most people like. We encourage a spirited debate from Trump supporters on these issues. Ask your friends who plan to vote for Trump this very important and very real question:

How is Donald Trump a better choice for President than Kim Kardashian? Make them stick to the issues.

It should be an educational conversation.