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Endorsement: Kim Kardashian for POTUS

The editorial staff of PWTCP has a message for Trump supporters – Consider Kim Kardashian instead.

A Deadly Idiocracy

A few months ago, leading GOP presidential candidates talked about how Planned Parenthood was essentially killing

No Experience Necessary

I generally keep the political stuff to my Politics Without The Crazy Pills page, but I have to

The Failure of Ferguson (Video)

I believe that I’ve earned myself a pretty good bit of progressive “street cred” over the

Sugar Ray Rice

The Sean from ten years ago is scratching his head at the last post I made,

Was Michael Brown Killed Because He was Black? The Evidence will SHOCK You.

A young man wakes up. He smokes a quick joint, grabs some breakfast and goes to

What is it Good For?

  We are going to war. … Again. Americans are going to die. … Again. Does

Team America: World Police Budget Slashed by Sequester

The United States has spent $1,468,387,211,883 (and counting) since 9/11 for military operations in Iraq and

Justice for Zachary

I haven’t written in a while. I decided to take some “me” time, focus on real

Watch The World Die

Five people were gunned down in Santa Monica over the weekend, leading many to ask how