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Etiquette for Hosting your Rapist During Child Visitations

Hello Ladies, Now that you’ve been blessed with a Rape Baby™ you will need an introduction

The Power of Prayer

I took a lot of criticism for a recent comment I made regarding the response to

Progressive Christianity: An Oxymoron?

My name is Sean Kemmerer. I went to St. Bartholomew grade school and graduated from Duquesne

Haters Gonna Hate

I hate black people. Seriously – Every single black person. I can’t stand the way they

Our “Christian Nation”

“Our nation was founded on Christian Principles!” is a rallying cry of conservatives across America; It

…Cause The Bible Tells Me So!

I decided to move my Sunday lectures to Mondays. We can say that it is because

The Short Little Book Club

First and foremost, I want to thank everybody for the e-mails, Facebook messages, Twitter mentions, cards,

Republicans Teach Where Babies Come From

It seems like a weekly occurrence for the GOP to cause rational thinking Americans to wonder

Living on a Prayer

Are you sick of God being taken out of our schools? Do you think that tragedies

What Would Jesus Tip?

Better yet: What the hell would Jesus be doing eating in an Applebee’s? Another religious person